Expanding Service Management in Higher Education | HDI

"Each year hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of students arrive on campus and they bring with them an average of five devices. These are exciting and yet also apprehensive days for these students and their families and onboarding should be as smooth as possible. By offering a single point of entry to request service, deliver knowledge and documents, you can help mitigate confusion and drain on your IT organization.” – TeamDynamix

Having a single point of contact for services—from a squeaky door to a failed hard drive to the need to reserve media equipment or the auditorium—can smooth the way for incoming and existing students, faculty, and staff. Having proven processes and tools ensures that services are delivered according to need and expectation. Using HDI research data specific to higher education, as well as other resources, this trend report illuminates the way toward service management best practices in institutions of higher learning, as applied to IT and other areas.


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