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IT maturity is defined by the collective set of IT capabilities; it’s about what the IT department can do for the business.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, maturity models
March 8, 2018

The decision whether to get certified depends on your personal and professional training goals and the needs of the business.
Tag(s): supportworld, training, workforce enablement, workforce enablement, certification, business alignment
March 7, 2018

You can influence the outcomes of your metrics and increase both your customer and employee satisfaction.
Tag(s): supportworld, workforce enablement, customer service, customer experience, customer satisfaction, metrics and measurements
March 6, 2018

A good SLA provides mutual benefit to both the IT organization and the business it serves.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, SLA, service level agreement, ITSM, business value
March 1, 2018

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, bots, and other automation tools are poised to make a large impact on support.
Tag(s): supportworld, metrics and measurements, automation
February 27, 2018

IT workflows need a well-thought-out process of categorization, prioritization, escalation, and alerting developed to meet the needs of the business.
Tag(s): supportworld, process management, ITSM, ITIL, service management
February 21, 2018

While chatbots may be able to make customer support quicker, cheaper, and easier, your organization may not be bot-ready. Ask yourself eight questions to find out.
Tag(s): supportworld, support center, automation, customer experience
February 21, 2018

Automation has the potential to improve IT service and support. But that potential will be realized only if we determine how we are going to apply the technology.
Tag(s): supportworld, technology, automation
February 20, 2018

Research suggests that many companies are aware of their shortcomings in mobile support and have plans to address it.
Tag(s): supportworld, support center, technology, mobile device support, mobility
February 16, 2018

Jeff Rumburg looks at percent resolved level 1 capable, a desktop support metric that provides insight into total cost of ownership for service and support.
Tag(s): supportworld, metrics and measurements, desktop support
February 15, 2018

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