by Fancy Mills
Date Published - Last Updated February 25, 2016

 We asked Fancy Mills, author of “Workforce Management: Underutilized Metrics for Success,” to share a list of the resources, tools, and software she recommends to her clients. If you’ve used or worked with any of the following, we invite you to share your feedback in the HDI Buyer’s Guide.

Tools and Resources

  • This online magazine provides community and resource information for the call center industry and a free Excel-based Erlang calculator.
  • This site provides information and tools on the traffic and queuing methodology created by A.K. Erlang in the early 1900s, focusing on Erlang B, Extended Erlang B, and Erlang C. You can also download free Excel-based Erlang calculators.
  • ICMI’s QueueView is a staffing calculator for Windows based on Erlang B and Erlang C calculations.
  • Low-cost and free workforce management tools for forecasting, planning, scheduling, and analyzing service performance: cc-Modeler Professional, cc-Modeler Lite, and Schedule24.
  • Affordable forecasting, planning, and staffing tools for small and medium-sized inbound contact centers—try before you buy with a free thirty-day trial!


With the exception of Pipkins, each solution in the list below can be found in the Gartner Magic Quadrant report for workforce optimization.

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