by Paul Vos
Date Published - Last Updated February 23, 2016

Working with a leading Canadian insurance company, it was my pleasure to train over thirty-three business and IT representatives from across the country on KCSsm Principles.

Having been previously trained in KCS Principles themselves, their leadership fully acknowledges the value of KCS (Knowledge-Centered Support) training as an essential tool to unify and elevate knowledge management across the enterprise.

Though pockets of their organization have already started their knowledge management journey, there was great excitement during the training as more representatives came to realize that KCS has both solutions to their challenges, and also the guidance to overcome these challenges.

The company’s helpdesk is outsourced and their internal service desk management group has already implemented some excellent KCS Knowledge creation metrics, which demonstrate value by enabling them to identify and quantify improvement opportunities for business, IT and outsourced service desk knowledge creators and users.

To leverage the excitement created through the KCS training, they have formed a cross-enterprise KCS Leadership team, which will help achieve strategic business goals:

Lower cost of operations:

  • Faster and better decision-making based on improved quality, consistency and searchability of knowledge across the enterprise
  • Increased reuse of knowledge, reducing replication of effort
  • Migration of specialized knowledge from expensive subject matter experts to self-help
  • Help solving root causes of re-occurring incidents by analyzing knowledge re-use

Improved customer satisfaction:

  • Improved speed to get high quality knowledge
  • Faster incident resolution
  • Faster request fulfillment
  • Enabling self-help by migrating knowledge closer to the customer

Improve employee satisfaction:

  • Free up resources to run the enterprise and allocate them to build the enterprise by eliminating repetitive work
  • Improved time to proficiency by having quality knowledge available

It is exciting to see them turn their KCS investment into strategic value with a minimum of outside help.

I am looking forward to seeing them achieve their goals.

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