by Roy Atkinson
Date Published - Last Updated December 15, 2016

Last week’s chat focused on support channels: Which ones are working well? Which ones are not? In the 2015 Support Center Practices & Salary Survey, we asked about 10 channels; for our next report, we'll likely add another, namely video—if you read through the chat you’ll see that some organizations are using it already. Uncover why web forms are better for support than email, why metrics really matter, and more in this week’s transcript.

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Join us again this Friday, July 15, for our next #HDIchat (topic: support channels)!  

Roy Atkinson is HDI's senior writer/analyst, acting as in-house subject matter expert and chief writer for SupportWorld articles and white papers. Roy is a member of the HDI International Certification Standards Committee and a former facilitator of the HDI Desktop Support Advisory Board, as well as cohost of the very popular #custserv (customer service) chat on Twitter. Roy's a certified HDI Support Center Manager, and he studied advanced management strategy at Tulane University’s Freeman Graduate School of Business. Find him on Twitter @HDI_Analyst.

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