These 9 individuals have been selected to provide advice and perspective on the ever-changing IT service and support industry, based on their deep experience in the field. See who’s on the list, and congratulate your colleagues for being outstanding members of our community.

by Craig Idlebrook
Date Published February 5, 2021 - Last Updated March 18, 2021

Each year, we ask experienced leaders in the IT service and support industry to commit to providing regular blogposts to share with the HDI Supportworld community as part of our Featured Contributor program. These posts delve into important aspects of the IT service and support industry.

Without further ado, here are the HDI Featured Contributors for 2021. If you want to congratulate them and connect, click on each name to go to their LinkedIn page:

Rae Ann Bruno, Business Solutions Training

Christopher Chagnon, Worcester Polytechnic Institute 

Phyllis Drucker, Cognizant

Dennis Gershowitz, DG Associates

Mike Hanson, Consultant

Nancy Louisnord, EasyVista

Alma Miller, AC Miller Consulting, LLC

Manuel Palachuk, Manuel Palachuk International

Doug Rabold, Bold Ray Consulting 

Jeff Rumburg, MetricNet, LLC

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