See which IT service and support professionals have gone above and beyond to share their knowledge with others in this ever-changing industry.

by The Editors
January 13, 2022

The IT support industry is constantly changing, and no amount of formal training will be enough to stay on top of every new trend. That’s why it’s so important for IT service and support professionals to share with others what they have learned in this dynamic environment.

Each year, HDI puts out a call for nominations for the Top 25 Thought Leaders in IT service and support and customer experience; those nominated share their wisdom on social media so others might benefit from what they’ve learned.

From the many nominations we’ve received, we’ve picked a list of thought leaders. Click on their names to find a link to their Twitter or LinkedIn account, and be sure to thank them for sharing what they know.

Roy Atkinson 

Vicki Brackett 

Ben Brennan

Rae Ann Bruno

David Cannon 

Chris Chagnon 

Mauricio Corona 

John Custy 

Phyllis Drucker 

Karen Ferris 

Suresh GP 

Nancy Louisnord 

Michelle Major-Goldsmith 

Peter McGarahan 

Simone Jo Moore 

Weston Morris 

Alan Nance 

João-Pierre Ruth

Doug Rabold 

Barclay Rae 

Jeff Rumburg 

Greg Sanker 

Patrycja Sobera 

Jeff Toister 

 Tom Wilk

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