With input from our community poll, we celebrate those who have done great work to build the collective knowledge base of the IT service and support industries.

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Date Published December 21, 2022 - Last Updated January 20, 2023

Each year we put out a call to the HDI community for their nominations for HDI’s Top 25 thought leaders. Those who made the list were nominated because they are generous with sharing their time and knowledge to help us all do better in the IT service and support industry.

Throughout the year, we’ll ask those on the list for their thoughts on subjects that arise in the industry, and share what respondents have to say.

The Top 25 Thought Leaders for 2023:

Headshot of April

Aprill Enright-Allen

COO, Tractor Ventures

"She is a masterful communicator and connector, and makes it look so easy as she advances the collective cause of the industry."


Roy Atkinson

CEO and Principal Advisor, Clifton Butterfield, LLC

“Roy is such a great presence at industry events, and is always willing to share what he knows, which is a lot.”

Headshot of Patti Blackstaffe

Patti Blackstaffe

CEO and Transformation Specialist, GlobalSway

“Patti is breaking lifelong behaviors in our world that are quite challenging, and bringing a far more transparent and vulnerable view and practice to our industry.”

Headshot of Leron

LeRon Barton

Network Engineer/Consultant

“In writing about and talking frankly about his experiences as a Black man in tech, LeRon helps drive an important discussion on how to make IT service and support more welcoming for everyone."


Rae Ann Bruno

Owner, Business Solutions Training, Inc.

“A great speaker and writer who is happy to help move the IT service and support industry forward.”

Headshot of Liz 

Liz Bunger

KCS Program Manager, Motive

“She has been a tireless advocate for the HDI local chapters, which provides the backbone of this community.”


Donald Chew

Supervisor - Help Desk, Mayo Clinic

“Great thought leaders help facilitate great discussions, and that is what ‘Chewy’ has done with his work with the HDI local chapters.”

Headshot of Bill Curtis-Davidson

Bill Curtis-Davidson

Co-Director, Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT)

“Throughout his career, Bill has worked to use tech to remove physical barriers to employment in the tech industry and beyond, and he often speaks on the importance of inclusivity.”

Phyllis Drucker

Professional Speaker, Blogger, Writer, EZ2BGR8

“If you’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing Phyllis speak, you know she is a huge asset to any industry event.”

Headshot of James Finister

James Finister

Engagement Director, Tata Consultancy Services

"A terrific keynote speaker and someone who tries to create a better space for all in the It industry."

Headshot of Erika Flora

Erika Flora

President and CEO, Beyond20

“Erika is a dynamic speaker and leader who is very generous with her time at industry events.”

 An icon of a cartoon

Joe the IT Guy

A ghost-writing team of IT bloggers, SysAid Technologies

“He not only is the mascot for SysAid employees, but he provides endless wisdom to the ITSM world! He is hardworking and truly deserves to be recognized!”

Headshot of Valence Howden

Valence Howden

Principal Research Director, Infotech Research Group

“Whenever Valence provides his thoughtful and honest perspective about the IT industry at events, we’re all the better for it.”

Headshot of Steve Mann

Stephen Mann

Principal Analyst and Content Director, ITSM.tools

“Stephen hosts and provides best practice content via ITSM.tools for the good of the ITSM community in order to help others with best practice and advice to help in their day to day profession.”

Suresh GP

Managing Director, TaUB Solutions

“Suresh is continuously seeking how IT and the other frameworks in our industry come together in a synergy and applied on a practical level through his consulting."

Headshot of Nancy Louisnord

Nancy Louisnord

Global Chief Marketing Officer, MANTA

“I consider Nancy a trailblazer in the industry, and as a woman I found her to be very inspirational.”


Simone Jo Moore

CEO HumanisingIT, SJM

“Simone is fearless at the front line while being compassionate in the way she delivers her craft and in the way that moves people to change.”

Headshot of Ric Mims

Ric Mims

ServiceNow Solutions Director, SDI Presence

“Ric has so much experience and knowledge to share from his long and continuing career in IT service and support, and he’s incredibly generous with his time to share that experience.”


Rajit Mohan

Practice Head, Tech Mahindra“Rajit is a leader who brings huge expertise and capability to the technical support and service management industry.”

Alan Nance

Co-Founder and President, XLA Collab

“Quite simply, Alan is a great author, and he also provides great insights n his social media feeds.”

Headshot of Leanne Pittsford

Leanne Pittsford

Founder and CEO, Lesbians Who Tech

“Leanne’s work to create an organization that provides community and support for thousands of non-binary, LGBTQ women, and queer women of color in tech has made a huge positive impact for the industry.”

Doug Rabold

Senior Manager of Customer Support, Amwell

“Doug is a respected speaker, an insightful author, and a meaningful colleague.”

Jeff Rumburg

CEO and Managing Partner of MetricNet, LLC.

“Jeff is a great speaker and writer who helps us go behind the numbers to see what is really important to deliver great IT service and support.”

Headshot of Doug Tedder

Doug Tedder

Principal, Tedder Consulting, Inc.

“Doug is an inherently kind person, and that shines through in his training and speaking engagements.”

Headshot of Paul Wilkinson

Paul Wilkinson

Director, Owner, Egor Productions

“Paul brings new perspectives into the industry by explaining important concepts via a simple yet entertaining manner.”

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