The ITSM Piccata Recipe

by Moe Suliman
Date Published July 13, 2022 - Last Updated February 16, 2024

Are you coming to the party? All you must do is bring your incident, problem, or change tickets with you. I've been working on this recipe for years now.

This is ITSM piccata - nothing more than ITSM cutlets dredged in business processes, browned, and served with a sauce of end-to-end IT services, juice, and either stock or white wine.

Preparation time depends on the complexity of the kitchen and finding your way to the stove! It's perfect for a quick everyday meal! It can take weeks or months, and it's so easy and delicious that it should be part of every kitchen that adopts ITSM.

Suppose you are new to ITSM or maybe worked in a kitchen that did not adopt ITSM yet. In that case, you're probably familiar with "ITSM piccata," as we mean it. ITSM piccata is—as far as we're concerned—a welcome addition to any repertoire, and the best way to manage countless tasks and processes and help the kitchen focus on customer value and satisfaction.

Sure, ITSM isn't the most exciting thing ever, but it doesn't take much to perk it way up. There are just a few easy-to-find ingredients to provide an end-to-end meal—ones that you might even have been around already—and you'll be amazed how delicious that humble ITSM recipe can be. Here's what you'll need to make ITSM piccata:

  • Boneless, skinless business process
  • Senior management
  • Processes for dredging
  • Team members
  • Business goals
  • Services
  • SLA

How to Make ITSM Piccata - Method 1: The Pan-Fry

  • Conduct multiple workshops and brainstorming sessions to slice the information and processes to understand them. Obviously, you'll need team members and senior management support to do this! You cut the information and processes into small but meaningful pieces so they can cook evenly, and you can use them to accomplish essential business goals or otherwise provide value during the pan-frying life cycle.
  • Architects deploy the service and give them an excellent monitor and administer coating to guarantee continual improvement.
  • Monitor and track the ITSM cutlets.

How to Make ITSM Piccata - Method 2: The Piccata Sauce

Our ITSM piccata sauce is simply a pan sauce, which means that we use the excellent crispy, ITSM-tinged buttery bits left in the skillet after frying the ITSM cutlets to make a sauce. Here's how to make this piccata sauce:

  • Sauté continual improvement and garlic in the pan drippings—i.e., the leftover services, processes, and butter.
  • Add feedback! Simmer for a few minutes to understand and plan forward.
  • Stir in more ITSM, including business-IT alignment, plus the lemon juice.
  • Season with a predictable IT performance and costs

That's it! You made a pan sauce that will satisfy your customers!

Moe Suliman has 18 years of extensive experience in IT service management and operations. Passionate about service management operation improvement, Moe is a hands-on ITSM professional striving to help organizations reach operations excellence and improve their service delivery and operations management practices. Moe has served in ITSM leadership roles in many large organizations in various industries, including investment, financial, retail, health, software development, real estate, and Industrial.

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