We share the IT service and support articles that resonated most with our readers. See which ones made the list.

by The Editors
Date Published December 21, 2022 - Last Updated January 20, 2023

Each year, HDI publishes dozens of articles full of insights on IT service and support. At the end of the year, we compile a list of our most popular articles. You can see what was the most read articles of 2022 below:

1. Eight KPIs to Optimize Your IT Service and Support

By Jeff Rumburg

Here’s an overview of the most-important metrics for measuring success in this field. Take a look and see which to emphasize in your organization.

2. Bridging the Gap Between ITSM and ITOM

By April Miller

Too often, these two concepts don’t mesh together, but they should. Learn the basics and why both are valuable for your organization.

3. The Service Desk is Dead. Long Live the Service Desk

By Chris Chagnon

Too often, the service desk signals a physical and mental barrier between IT and the end user. Here’s why to change that.

4. 3 Steps Toward Developing a Strong IT Culture

By April Miller

The IT department’s value increases the more it can align with the organization’s values. Here are some suggestions for how to make sure IT feels valued and connected.

5. 5 Tips to Improve Your Service Catalog

By Phyllis Drucker

Too often, service catalog use erodes over time. Here is how to revitalize the catalog and ensure it is being used as the first step by end users who need help.

6. Reduce the Shame That Comes with Phishing Attacks

By Craig Idlebrook

It’s bad when an employee falls for a phishing email; it’s worse if they hide it. Here’s how to help your organizations’ employees feel like partners in cybersecurity.

7. Why XLAs Matter Now More Than Ever

By Doug Rabold

A look at how the Service Level Agreement alone falls short, and how a dynamic agreement that focuses on experience can augment your relationship with your client.

8. Documentation is Key to Efficiently Solving IT Crises

By Angie Handley

Minutes count when things go wrong, and that’s not the time to realize your IT crisis management documentation isn’t what it needs to be.

9. Self-Service Tips for Shift-Left Success

By Nancy Louisnord

A step-by-step process for how to make this self-service revolution more than just a theory. It starts with knowing your customers and your workforce.

10. I am a Neurodivergent Leader

By Doug Rabold

A leader in the IT service and support industry reveals that he identifies as autistic, and shares insights about what that means.

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