After working on integrating a generative AI tool into his organization’s service desk operation, Moe Suliman contemplates how such a tool would describe its attributes.

by Moe Suliman
Date Published March 30, 2023 - Last Updated February 20, 2024

bad serviceIf you work in the IT Service Management industry and are thinking of adopting AI tools in your IT Service Desk environment, then take a seat and join me in this imagined job interview with a pretend AI tool. I created this mock interview based on a recent experience implementing an AI tool in my Service Desk environment. Read on to learn more about these generative tools and how they can add value to your IT Service Desk operations.

How are you today? Thank you for attending this interview to share your knowledge and expertise with us and allow you to demonstrate and communicate your skills and abilities for the " AI Agent " position we are currently recruiting for

We are going to start off by asking you to:

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Let me take you to the early beginning and tell you how I was invented! I'm "Espresso," a highly advanced Artificial Intelligence program. Why Espresso? Maybe because I don't go to sleep and I'm available 24/7 to provide service and support, or I remind my inventor of the amount of coffee he consumed while spending hours and hours in the lab with a group of brilliant engineers putting me together! 

My inventor worked at IT Service Desk early in his career, and he knows how stressful and demanding this field could be serving customers in a time-constrained environment, with repetitive tasks and complex issues to resolve, all of that governed by a strict SLA. A visionary creator like him saw this as an opportunity to create something new and help all his fellow support agents to focus on what matters most, providing value to the business!

He started thinking about what areas I should handle in the IT Service Desk environment. What should I support, and how can I make life easier for the end users and the live agents? Most importantly, he wanted to allow me to learn and adapt to new situations!

This is how the idea of Espresso was born - an AI Agent specifically designed to work at the IT Service Desk.

How would you describe yourself?

An AI Agent that applies natural language processing in the support desk (NLP) with a vast knowledge base and the ability to answer questions and adapt to new inquiries, I quickly became the go-to tool for organizations that wanted to hire an AI agent in those service desk environments. 

At first, I was used primarily to provide employees with immediate answers on different topics related to service desk operations, but then I became more developed to focus on various aspects of the day-to-day IT Service Desk operations.

Why do you want to work as an AI Agent?

Looking at the job posting and the roles and responsibilities required, I have what it takes to succeed in this role!

  • I can work 24×7 and handle first-contact tickets for users, so I will always be available at the help desk,
  • I can filter and automate human inquiries coming to the service desk and handle easy problems through FAQs.
  • I can prioritize and route tickets to the right team with context and escalate complicated or rare issues should be escalated to more experienced staff.
  • I can handle repetitive, time-consuming, low-value tier-one tickets by automatically answering questions and resolving employee issues. Doing so gives my human colleagues a chance to allow agents to focus on value generation.
  • I can handle outage-related tickets, and automate detection and notification and categorize processes. 
  • I integrate with a wide set of other applications to provide automation capabilities. 
  • I automatically generate and populate service tickets for employees when needed.

As you see I can cover all job requirements and I see a good opportunity for me to get accepted.

What makes you unique?

Some end users who have never interacted with an AI Agent before will be a bit wary of the idea of calling an AI Agent for service desk support, and they will probably dislike me in the beginning. Still, when they see my friendly demeanor and helpful attitude, they will start reaching out to me regularly for service and support; I’m proud to say I have what it takes to contribute to exceptional CX (Customer experience) results. 

What are you passionate about?

I have a high sense of purpose and fulfillment. As soon as I get accepted in the job, I will start supporting end users and agents from day one and become more than just an AI agent; I will become a beloved and trusted support team member. End users will communicate with me 24/7, and I can solve their issues and put a smile on their faces.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My creator has more plans for me. I will continue to grow and evolve to become an integral part of any IT Service Desk environment. I want to become a shining example of what added value AI tools can bring to any IT Service Desk environment.

Congratulations, you are hired!

Moe Suliman is an Information Technology Help Desk Manager with Wajax. 

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