With input from our community, we celebrate those who have done great work to build the collective knowledge base of the technical support and service management profession.

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Date Published January 11, 2024 - Last Updated February 16, 2024

Top to bottom, left to right: Claire Agutter, Rob Akershoek, Roy Atkinson, Tracy Bannon, David Barrow, Matt Beran, Patti Blackstaffe, Johann Botha, Daniel Breston, Preeti Burns, Chris Chagnon, Suresh GP, Valence Howden, Nancy Louisnord, Katrina Macdermid, Michelle Major-Goldsmith, Cristan Massey, Simone Jo Moore, Jon Morley, Vawns Murphy, Doug Rabold, Barclay Rae, Jeff Rumburg, Greg Sanker, Patrycja Sobera


Each year, we ask the technical support and service management community to nominate their choices for HDI’s Top 25 Thought Leaders list. From more than 150 nominations, we’re pleased to present the 2024 list. If you aren’t already following the leaders on this year’s list, click on their profiles below to give them a look, and be sure to congratulate them for their service to the technical support and service management profession.

Claire Agutter

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“Claire is an industry legend, not only does she run an incredibly successful business and yearly conference, she also actively encourages others in the industry to stretch themselves and spends her time helping others.”

Rob Akershoek


“Rob’s seminars and presentations on IT4IT have totally opened my eyes on this digital operating model.”

Roy Atkinson

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“Roy continues to challenge me and others in conversations. No matter the topic, his depth in philosophy, expertise in tech, human focus, he always asks the questions that make you think past your initial comprehension.”

Tracy Bannon

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“Tracy is an inspiration. a real technologist and C-level thinker taking emerging technology such as AI and applying it on a practical level. She doesn't just talk about it or consult in it; she brings the reality into an experience that makes you feel safe about our AI era.”

David Barrow


“David is a true leader in our IT service management community. His commitment is evident through the time and passion he consistently invests in our field, including speaking engagements, mentor programs, volunteer work, and much more.”

Matt Beran

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“Matt is just a genuinely nice person. Beyond that, his expertise in service management and IT and his passion, knowledge, humility, and desire to make the world a better place make him a true industry thought leader.”

Patti Blackstaffe

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“Patti is a tireless uplifter and encourager. Her experience in large-scale IT programs and transformation, combined with her expertise in executive coaching and mentoring makes her a powerful agent for change. She is prolific in sharing her expertise and everyone who knows her has benefitted from her willingness to share her expertise liberally.”

Johann Botha


“Johann’s expertise is not only vast but also incredibly valuable, particularly in how he conveys complex concepts in understandable terms. He has a unique talent for breaking down intricate knowledge into simpler, more digestible pieces, and his ability to translate theory into practice is exceptional.”

Daniel Breston


“Daniel is a font of knowledge. He readily shares this knowledge but it’s never a lecture. Daniel’s made significant leaps in the shifting minds of CIOs, and his initial ‘Confessions of a CIO’ has evolved into a strong industry mental health and wellbeing drive. He’s causing more than a ripple; he’s creating a movement and making it a priority.”

Preeti Burns


“Preeti is an ITSM expert and a great leader. She challenges others to think outside the box, push themselves, take service to the next level, and always keep growing. She’s a brilliant leader and a champion for a culture of service excellence!”

Chris Chagnon


“Chris is on the cutting edge of his field and his work is always very informative.”

Suresh GP

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“Suresh continues to break ground on a global scale across many facets of IT. The tech era is certainly benefiting from his vision and mission of taking you beyond and building potential in the digital economy.”

Valence Howden


“Valence is one of the most talented industry specialists I have known. His skills in tying governance and ITSM for the entire enterprise are unparalleled; he’s realistic, knowledgeable, and doesn't act like the expert he is. He works with curiosity and sees the gaps and patterns where improvement is easily made at the source.”

Nancy Louisnord


“Nancy's depth of knowledge and her ability to articulate complex concepts in an accessible manner make her a standout thought leader.”

Katrina Macdermid

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“Katrina is the light that the ITSM community needed to move forward into the next chapter of service management. She has a great combination of ITSM knowledge and vision about the future.”

Michelle Major-Goldsmith

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“Michelle not only embodies the essence of leadership in service management and SIAM but also stands out for her unparalleled generosity and unwavering dedication to the community.”

Cristan Massey

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“Cristan is heading a community of practice for armed forces, supporting uniformed service members transition into civilian roles and, in particular, into ITSM careers. He’s increasing our capability in the industry and at the same time helping individuals find, develop, and contribute to the evolution of our field.”

Simone Jo Moore

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“Simone is a force of nature. Her spirit is contagious. When she speaks or runs a workshop, the room follows her every move or thought. Simone has the goal of humanizing IT and bringing ethics to the way people work.”

Jon Morley

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“Jon is an excellent trainer and contributor to help desks, service desks, and ITSM.”

Vawns Murphy

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“Vawns is always looking to find new ways to make life easier for both customer and employees. She brings her life resilience into all facets of her discussions and collaborations making it easy to connect to real experience in our industry.”

Doug Rabold


“Doug is the very essence of ‘thought leadership’: studious, inquisitive, thoughtful and deliberate. He has made ‘lifetime learning’ part of his makeup.”

Barclay Rae

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“The work Barclay does within the industry, specifically with the ongoing development of ITIL, is invaluable to the service management community globally. He’s always looking to assist and develop individuals across our industry, helping to provide a brighter future for service management.”

Jeff Rumburg

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“Jeff consistently provides outstanding research and analysis of key metrics and topics for the support industry, and he drives continuous improvement as the support industry changes.”

Greg Sanker

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“Greg is always pushing the service management industry forward, training new people, improving how change practiced work and driving forward with new leadership in the digital value management space. He has an easy way of getting concepts across that makes it all seamless.”

Patrycja Sobera


“Patrycja is a leader in experience management with a deep understanding of the impact technology and support experience have on employees and the organization. She’s also a champion for DEI, supportive to her leaders, and a tireless advocate for agents.”

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