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The Latest from SupportWorld

The HDI Strategic Advisory Board (SAB) launched an ambitious project to look ahead about five years and make some assertions about where the technical service and support industry will be by the year 2020.
Tag(s): future of support, supportworld

Is this the year the walls around IT and support finally come down, once and for all? There is a well-recognized chasm in many enterprises. On one side are the engineers and support people who keep the organization on the technological cutting edge; on the other is ...
Tag(s): workforce enablement, business of support, supportworld

We all have customers: internal or external, public or private sector, investors or shareholders. Regardless of who our customers are, we need to not only provide them with an excellent product or an exceptional service, we must also ...
Tag(s): customer service, customer-satisfaction-measurement, metrics and measurements, supportworld

When Hurricane Katrina crashed upon the Gulf Coast in 2005, the IS organization at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, operated by the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System (FMOLHS), sprang into full disaster mode, mustering the troops in its Baton Rouge data center to keep...
Tag(s): business continuity, business continuity planning, disaster recovery, teamwork, supportworld

When it comes to knowledge management and Knowledge-Centered Support best practices, Coveo has a decided edge. They have robust tools, which they create. But without the philosophy, culture, and processes infused throughout their company ...
Tag(s): knowledge management, KCS, supportworld

Does your desktop support organization have more generalists or more specialists? Desktop support teams have to adapt and evolve along with the technology and workload that they support, and ...
Tag(s): desktop support, supportworld

Having an understanding of the key parts of project planning is critical to the success of any support team. There are two key elements of project management: people and process. Each element has ...
Tag(s): desktop support, problem management, supportworld

Sending people to ITIL training and buying tools that promise “out of the box” ITIL are no guarantee of success. Flexibility and creativity are required to make change happen across the organization. This, in turn, requires people to be ready and willing to change, and this won’t happen by...
Tag(s): ITSM, supportworld

As the face of IT, the support organization plays a significant role in the customer’s overall experience and perception of IT. In recent years, many organizations have found that their internal customers’ expectations have evolved; they now expect—if not demand—the usability, self-help tools,...
Tag(s): IT service management, ITSM, customer experience, supportworld

The transition from the twentieth to the twenty-first century has been incredible. The emergence and integration of developing technologies into our day-to-day lives work lives and personal spaces has changed the potential of our species. It’s been a powerful renaissance, with mankind...
Tag(s): workforce enablement, future of support, supportworld