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The Latest from SupportWorld

As you continue delivering and maturing your service offering, having senior management’s respect, confidence, and support should be priority one!
Tag(s): supportworld, support operations, staffing, IT service management, case study, business value
Date Published June 27, 2016 - Last Updated July 19, 2018

Self-service is an important tactic for successful end-user support. But be aware that Tier 0 does have effects on the traditional metrics support centers use.
Tag(s): metrics and measurements, self-service, support center, support channels, supportworld
Date Published June 22, 2016 - Last Updated December 15, 2016

Providing customers with mobile support and mobile information—in a visually appealing and usable format—helps end users resolve their issues and requests and gets them back to work quickly.
Tag(s): technical support, technology, supportworld, support center, support channels, service desk technology, mobile device support, customer experience, case study
Date Published June 21, 2016 - Last Updated December 15, 2016

First Level Resolution (FLR) is a measure of efficiency and effectiveness that shows how many resolutions you provide without hierarchical escalation.
Tag(s): first call resolution, knowledge management, metrics and measurements, reporting-and-analytics, supportworld, technical support
Date Published June 20, 2016 - Last Updated December 15, 2016

Customer satisfaction management involves understanding the issues beyond the data points that key performance indicators provide.
Tag(s): continual service improvement, customer satisfaction, customer experience, KPI, supportworld, service management
Date Published June 17, 2016 - Last Updated December 15, 2016

To create meaningful policies, procedures, and work instructions, you must have clear goals and maintain the documents to keep them relevant.
Tag(s): change management, IT service management, service management, supportworld
Date Published June 16, 2016 - Last Updated April 19, 2019

Leadership exists in many different forms in the service desk, and it is not exclusive to management. Good leaders identify the ways to unite diverse personalities.
Tag(s): workforce enablement, service desk, leadership, supportworld
Date Published June 14, 2016 - Last Updated December 15, 2016

Email templates help new service desk agents get up to speed quickly, enable managers to store information in a central location, and improve agent productivity.
Tag(s): technical support, supportworld, support center, customer experience
Date Published June 9, 2016 - Last Updated March 14, 2017

Good incident management practices require IT to follow a process and communicate with customers.
Tag(s): support center, supportworld, service desk, incident management, best practice, process management
Date Published June 1, 2016 - Last Updated December 15, 2016

Outsourcing, automation, and technology are forcing technical support teams to adapt the way they work. Developing right-brain skills might just be the answer.
Tag(s): culture, future of support, human resources, people, problem solving and troubleshooting, support center, supportworld
Date Published May 31, 2016 - Last Updated December 1, 2017