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The Latest from SupportWorld

AITSM is a confusing name for a confusing subject, but it’s a way of thinking of which service desks can be automated and which require a human touch. A systemic approach to implementing AI can help improve the customer experience, and make your team more efficient.
Tag(s): supportworld, technical support, technology, cost per ticket, costs, ITSM, IT service management
March 29, 2021

Every organization needs an IT department, but many smaller orgs can’t afford the cost of the staffing necessary to meet IT needs. Some organizations are employing on-demand, outside help to augment their internal IT needs. Here is a look at the possible advantages of this approach.
Tag(s): supportworld, business value, collaboration, cloud computing, remote support tools, rightsourcing, support industry
March 23, 2021

Change is hard, but it is harder when there isn’t a clear understanding of what change you are wanting and what risk you are willing to accept. Here is an approach toward streamlining the risk assessment of proposed changes to bring about better results.
Tag(s): supportworld, collaboration, business intelligence, change management, configuration management
March 23, 2021

A shift to team leader requires a new skill set that many people must develop with on-the-job practice. Here are actions to take daily to help develop success in your direct reports, and show that you have what it takes to move up the managerial ladder.
Tag(s): supportworld, culture, communications skills, employee engagement
March 22, 2021

Too often, IT deals only with the immediate tasks of its clients, and misses the big picture of customer care. Your team may do better by asking questions to get a complete understanding of what your clients hope to achieve.
Tag(s): supportworld, collaboration, communications skills, communications technology
March 17, 2021

We all have received a crash course in the problems that may arise with a sudden shift to working remotely. Here is a step-by-step guide with all the factors to consider, from equipment needed to performance expectations to legal liability.
Tag(s): supportworld, collaboration, communications skills, communications technology
March 16, 2021

Siloing IT can lead to siloed solutions for your business. Instead, your IT department should be empowered to holistically examine every step of the process of employee and customer interactions to come up with the best tools to help things run smoothly.
Tag(s): supportworld, collaboration, communications skills, communications technology
March 15, 2021

To many outside of the IT department, the service desk is there for when things go wrong. Here is a plan to make sure those within your organization know the value of the service desk, and think to loop IT stakeholders on key decisions.
Tag(s): supportworld, communications skills, focus, service desk, service desk technology
March 10, 2021

Leadership requires looking in the mirror and evaluating what you’re doing well and what you need to improve. In this article, we take a look through the tough questions leaders need to ask, and why sometimes we fail to ask them.
Tag(s): supportworld, service quality, service desk, service management, change management, practices
March 10, 2021

Problem management is an important part of ITIL 4, but too often it gets neglected. As part of our Metric of the Month series, we examine how to provide quantifiable data to provide focus and motivation for problem management efforts.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, practices, cost per ticket, cost models, ITIL, metrics and measurements
March 8, 2021

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