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The Latest from SupportWorld

When marketing and IT come together, it can have a transformative impact on an organization. Here's how.
Tag(s): supportworld, leadership, business value, marketing
Date Published December 11, 2023 - Last Updated December 12, 2023

We've all made our share of errors as managers, and there are countless horror stories on the internet about management gone wrong. Read on for a selection of things you shouldn't be doing when managing people.
Tag(s): supportworld, people, employee engagement, employee satisfaction, leadership, performance management
Date Published December 7, 2023 - Last Updated December 4, 2023

Join a team of technical support, service management and experience management leaders who share their knowledge with the HDI community. Be the thought leader others follow!
Tag(s): supportworld, community, industry, IT service management, technical support
Date Published December 6, 2023 - Last Updated February 16, 2024

A service desk team is (or should be) an enabled, competent, capable, confident, respected, and passionate team of people who are dedicated to helping other people be successful, realize value, and achieve results.Is yours?
Tag(s): supportworld, culture, employee satisfaction, employee engagement, people, service management
Date Published December 5, 2023 - Last Updated December 4, 2023

"Don't fix what's not broke" may be true to an extent, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be evolving our processes to ensure we're delivering exceptional results-based outcomes and value.
Tag(s): supportworld, ITIL, IT service management, process management, process-improvement
Date Published December 4, 2023 - Last Updated December 4, 2023

While the world is focused on ChatGPT and other automated research/writing applications, most ITSM tools already offer capabilities to support applications for IT support. Read on to learn about three things you can do with AI today.
Tag(s): supportworld, automation, self-service, artificial intelligence
Date Published December 1, 2023 - Last Updated November 29, 2023

Balancing the demands of daily operations with the need to innovate can feel like walking on a tightrope. Here's what leaders can do to cultivate an innovative mindset within their teams.
Tag(s): supportworld, agile, best practice, service strategy
Date Published November 30, 2023 - Last Updated November 29, 2023

Tell us who you follow on social media when it comes to learning about technical support, service management, and experience management.
Tag(s): supportworld, professional development, social media
Date Published November 29, 2023 - Last Updated February 16, 2024

Support expectations rely largely on completion targets, but this is not their purpose. How can we improve this situation?
Tag(s): supportworld, performance management, support models
Date Published November 13, 2023 - Last Updated December 5, 2023

While every organization is different, some common skills define leadership roles. The service and support industry folds in even more unique, constantly evolving competencies. Let's examine some skills necessary to climb the leadership ladder, specific to leading people.
Tag(s): supportworld, leadership, performance management, professional development
Date Published July 27, 2023 - Last Updated February 16, 2024