With the evolution of ITSM into ESM—enterprise service management—coupled with the increased adoption of cloud-based service management solutions, technical support leaders are planning ahead, doing their research, and gathering the facts they need to build a business case for their next toolset.

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Most organizations think about communication best practices with reference to major outages, and events, but don’t consider the impact good communication can have on first contact resolution (FConR) and mean time to resolve (MTTR), even in a day-to-day context. Large outages attract a great...

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Remote control capabilities are a cornerstone of any support organization. Research tells us that they're widely used in both the support center and desktop support. In fact, remote control ranked as the number-one “must-have” technology in the

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Desktop support is often called "the face of IT," and like any other business unit, desktop support needs to be as efficient and as effective as possible. Analyzing and improving the processes behind desktop support can help your organization optimize your results and increase customer...

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In this webinar, HDI’s senior writer/analyst, Roy Atkinson, will showcase new data from the 2016 Desktop Support Practices & Salary Survey. This data, previously...

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More and more organizations are using the shift-left approach to support, bringing more complex work down...

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Personalized support for VIPs can be expensive, but the value tends to outweigh the costs.
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We all know that remote support is a critical piece of the support ecosystem. Keeping tools simple and easy to use, both individually and as a whole suite, is a key component to staff and customer engagement and satisfaction.

Whether we're talking about internal...

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Everyone, from executives to frontline employees, tells me the same thing: When people report on issues or projects, they usually provide way, way too much information—the dreaded TMI. So how do we solve the problem? By using my Inquire to Influence™ strategies, you’ll be able to connect and...
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