KPIs aren't the goal—continual improvement is. Like ITIL itself, continual improvement is a cycle: once you've achieved a target, the cycle begins anew.
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Date Published - Last Updated May 11, 2016

Effective communication is one of the most essential business (and life) skills. These seven steps will help you strengthen the transfer of information and prevent communication gaps.
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Date Published - Last Updated May 22, 2017

Overenthusiastic advocates of any initiative often jump into action before thinking things through, but just because one organization saved money by using peer-to-peer support, that doesn’t mean it will work in every organization in the same way.
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Date Published - Last Updated May 11, 2016

The transition from the twentieth to the twenty-first century has been incredible. The emergence and integration of developing technologies into our day-to-day lives work lives and personal spaces has changed the potential of our species. It’s been a powerful renaissance, with mankind...
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Date Published - Last Updated February 26, 2016



We all know that remote support is a critical piece of the support ecosystem. Keeping tools simple and easy to use, both individually and as a whole suite, is a key component to staff and customer engagement and satisfaction.

Whether we're talking about internal...

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Date Published - Last Updated September 24, 2021

What is the future of knowledge management? The quick answer is multi: multimedia, multichannel, and multilingual. As we look ahead two to three years, I believe these three attributes will have a powerful effect on several key trends in service and support, all of which have implications for...
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Date Published - Last Updated February 25, 2016

The University of Phoenix’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) handles more than 1.6 million student and faculty contacts per year, including incidents, service requests, and urgent “how-to” training opportunities. In 2010, the TAC was looking for an effective way to guide the knowledge...
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Date Published - Last Updated February 25, 2016



As service management frameworks, concepts, and tools expand beyond the IT function, IT leaders and their teams play a critical role in helping define and explain the benefits of implementing a service-focused mindset across every business function. But it is important to...

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Date Published - Last Updated January 25, 2023



Implementing role-based provisioning can help large organizations address common pain points and better secure private data, but implementation requires careful planning and takes time to get right. Join industry leader Phyllis Drucker to learn about the benefits you can realize...

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Date Published - Last Updated January 6, 2023

Have you ever wondered why things are the way they are? Who defines the structure of an organization or, in this case, an entire industry? And just because it is that way now, who says that it needs to remain the same? Everything changes, and I think the time to change the way we structure our...
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Date Published - Last Updated May 11, 2016