The University of Phoenix’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) handles more than 1.6 million student and faculty contacts per year, including incidents, service requests, and urgent “how-to” training opportunities. In 2010, the TAC was looking for an effective way to guide the knowledge...
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Date Published - Last Updated February 25, 2016



As service management frameworks, concepts, and tools expand beyond the IT function, IT leaders and their teams play a critical role in helping define and explain the benefits of implementing a service-focused mindset across every business function. But it is important to...

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Implementing role-based provisioning can help large organizations address common pain points and better secure private data, but implementation requires careful planning and takes time to get right. Join industry leader Phyllis Drucker to learn about the benefits you can realize...

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Have you ever wondered why things are the way they are? Who defines the structure of an organization or, in this case, an entire industry? And just because it is that way now, who says that it needs to remain the same? Everything changes, and I think the time to change the way we structure our...
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At some point or another, we’ve all fantasized about starting a business and, of course, being a great success. Is managing a service desk really all that different? I’m always telling my students and clients that they need to run support as a business within the business. This is one of the...
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Desktop support is about more than solving technical issues for clients; it is about helping people, face to face. It isn’t just a voice over the phone or a silent adjustment to a back-end application; it’s about connecting with customers and providing solutions, even if they are not...
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Date Published - Last Updated February 25, 2016

Today, outsourced service providers live in a world where customers call the shots. As a customer, you’ve come to expect more than a standard set of services. Instead of one model in one color, you want outsourced services that can be customized to your needs, uniquely branded and themed for...
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For this issue, HDI invited influential members from across all segments of our community to provide a snapshot of key imperatives that will guide 2013 initiatives. This unique collection of essays offers a rare glimpse inside technical service and support organizations, spanning healthcare,...
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While BYOD and broader consumerization trends may be turning the corporate IT world upside down, such factors have long been a reality in the campus IT environment. But that doesn’t mean that university IT departments are immune to the changing expectations of today’s empowered device owners.
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Whenever there’s a one-to-one relationship between release and change management (i.e., one release for each change), it makes sense to combine the change and release workflows. As a combined process, change and release are easier to manage, and there’s less chance of slippage between the two...
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Date Published - Last Updated February 25, 2016