KPIs aren't the goal—continual improvement is. Like ITIL itself, continual improvement is a cycle: once you've achieved a target, the cycle begins anew.
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Date Published - Last Updated May 11, 2016

Manufacturing, financial, retail, and pharmaceutical companies have long used predictive analytics for everything from anticipating parts shortages to calculating credit scores. But across industries, the software can also warn IT organizations about potential system failures before they affect...
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Date Published - Last Updated February 25, 2016

In the beginning, it’s all about the basics: incident management, problem management, and change management. The momentum generated by the simple act of embracing the new concepts carries things forward—to a point. There is so much excitement that maybe, just maybe, things will really change...
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Date Published - Last Updated February 25, 2016

One of the greatest inventions since the leaf blower is the help desk ticketing system. By tracking calls, these systems preserve solutions to previous problems and they document the number of people you helped in a given period. And that’s just the beginning. Ticketing systems also offer a...
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Date Published - Last Updated May 11, 2016


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In this webinar, HDI’s senior writer/analyst, Roy Atkinson, will showcase new data from the 2016 Desktop Support Practices & Salary Survey. This data, previously...

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Date Published - Last Updated October 25, 2016

Supporting Office 365 is no easy task, especially in a university setting with a diverse audience of end users. But the University of New Mexico Information Technologies (UNM IT) is doing just that—and achieving exceptionally high first contact resolution rates, as well as huge growth in the use...
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Date Published - Last Updated February 25, 2016