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The State of Enterprise Service Management (2018) 

The expansion of the principles and practices of IT service management (ITSM) to areas outside of IT has been accelerating for several years. The goal of the present study was to uncover the extent of the expansion of enterprise service management. What are organizations actually doing in 2018? Learn more... 

Loss of trust can mean lost revenue. But with a few simple changes, you can reap all of the benefits that a high trust organization enjoys.
Tag(s): supportworld, service quality, relationship, employee satisfaction, customer service, customer experience, culture
July 20, 2016

Last week's #HDIchat featured some truth-telling about reporting and explored getting what you ask for in your RFP for a ticketing or ITSM tool. How does your organization measure up?
Tag(s): hdichat, supportworld, ITSM, reporting, reporting-and-analytics, technology
July 19, 2016

Last week's #HDIchat featured some truth-telling about project management, from single project focus to multiple simultaneous upgrades and changes.
Tag(s): hdichat, supportworld, ITSM, reporting, reporting-and-analytics, technology
July 19, 2016

KCS is a methodology that incorporates knowledge as a key component for service delivery and includes specific elements to follow for success.
Tag(s): best practice, case study, KCS, knowledge management, support center, supportworld
July 17, 2016

IT organizations spend considerable time, money, and energy on incident management, but what you should be investing your resources in is what customers want: incident resolution.
Tag(s): incident management, service management, supportworld
July 15, 2016

In last week's #HDIchat, we asked you to share your organization's position on analyst independence: Are your analysts required to use scripts? Do you measure adherence to scripts or guidelines? Do you monitor quality? How have these practices made a difference in your organization?
Tag(s): hdichat, service quality, quality management, quality assurance, monitoring, supportworld
July 5, 2016

As you continue delivering and maturing your service offering, having senior management’s respect, confidence, and support should be priority one!
Tag(s): supportworld, support operations, staffing, IT service management, case study, business value
June 27, 2016

First Level Resolution (FLR) is a measure of efficiency and effectiveness that shows how many resolutions you provide without hierarchical escalation.
Tag(s): first call resolution, knowledge management, metrics and measurements, reporting-and-analytics, supportworld, technical support
June 20, 2016

Customer satisfaction management involves understanding the issues beyond the data points that key performance indicators provide.
Tag(s): continual service improvement, customer satisfaction, customer experience, KPI, supportworld, service management
June 17, 2016

To create meaningful policies, procedures, and work instructions, you must have clear goals and maintain the documents to keep them relevant.
Tag(s): change management, IT service management, service management, supportworld
June 16, 2016