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The State of Enterprise Service Management (2018) 

The expansion of the principles and practices of IT service management (ITSM) to areas outside of IT has been accelerating for several years. The goal of the present study was to uncover the extent of the expansion of enterprise service management. What are organizations actually doing in 2018? Learn more... 

Overenthusiastic advocates of any initiative often jump into action before thinking things through, but just because one organization saved money by using peer-to-peer support, that doesn’t mean it will work in every organization in the same way.
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When budgets are tight, it’s important that you spend money on training that builds the skills you need at the levels you need them.
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Learn how one organization turned their KCS investment into strategic value with minimum outside help.
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ITSM and customer relationship management (CRM) are industries, frameworks, technologies, and approaches that have traditionally been applied to very different business processes, workloads, and segments of the organization. But with the degree of consolidation and standardization taking place...
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People are used to googling to get answers to their questions, so why invest in a knowledge management system and web self-service for IT support? Well, there are some major drawbacks to using Google in lieu of a knowledge management system. The shortcomings are mostly the same whether end users...
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The state of security in 2014 can be summed up in four words: We are falling behind. External breaches are occurring more frequently and becoming more complex, and internal threats have extended beyond malicious employees (past and present) and current employee mistakes to include vendors, who...
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KPIs aren't the goal—continual improvement is. Like ITIL itself, continual improvement is a cycle: once you've achieved a target, the cycle begins anew.
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Poorly planned, an IT transformation can bring about its own apocalyptic realities seemingly overnight: new processes, new technologies, and new operational behaviors. IT transformations also bring forth people who are confident and competent in the new world, and people who are not. These are...
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When I ask my clients about their problem management processes, I often get a curious response: “We don’t really have the time to focus on problems because we’re so busy putting out fires. Once we knock down the fires that flare up, we’ll be able to devote some time to problem management.” A...
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