Effective communication is one of the most essential business (and life) skills. These seven steps will help you strengthen the transfer of information and prevent communication gaps.
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Overenthusiastic advocates of any initiative often jump into action before thinking things through, but just because one organization saved money by using peer-to-peer support, that doesn’t mean it will work in every organization in the same way.
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When budgets are tight, it’s important that you spend money on training that builds the skills you need at the levels you need them.
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Personalized support for VIPs can be expensive, but the value tends to outweigh the costs.
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Is this the year the walls around IT and support finally come down, once and for all? There is a well-recognized chasm in many enterprises. On one side are the engineers and support people who keep the organization on the technological cutting edge; on the other is ...
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At some point or another, we’ve all fantasized about starting a business and, of course, being a great success. Is managing a service desk really all that different? I’m always telling my students and clients that they need to run support as a business within the business. This is one of the...
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Everyone, from executives to frontline employees, tells me the same thing: When people report on issues or projects, they usually provide way, way too much information—the dreaded TMI. So how do we solve the problem? By using my Inquire to Influence™ strategies, you’ll be able to connect and...
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Service desks come in all shapes and sizes, depending on the needs of those they serve. Service offerings, KPIs, and service level targets will vary, and some will meet those needs better than others, providing not just business value but a partnership based on common goals. However, what holds...
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For this issue, HDI invited influential members from across all segments of our community to provide a snapshot of key imperatives that will guide 2013 initiatives. This unique collection of essays offers a rare glimpse inside technical service and support organizations, spanning healthcare,...
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It’s no secret that customers really want just two things from their interactions with the service desk: speed and accuracy. They want someone to answer the phone quickly, someone who can help them with their problems, and someone who can provide solutions that are correct and helpful. So, if...
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