When Apple announced the launch of the Apple Stores in 2001, it was met with widespread skepticism. There was concern over the impact the stores would have on Apple’s existing retail channels, the fact that Apple had no experience in retail, and that the mere existence of retail stores would do...
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Date Published May 22, 2012 - Last Updated 7 Years, 210 Days, 9 Hours, 20 Minutes ago

As organizations multisource their IT services, push services to the cloud, and consolidate services into enterprise-shared services to reduce costs, their success increasingly depends on relationship management rather than the deep systems expertise that has traditionally been their core...
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Because of the nature of business today, IT management has shifted from a set of tactical tasks to some of the most strategic initiatives within an organization. The mere fact that IT management is now part and parcel of the overall executive management team is a testament to the significant...
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There are many reasons to monitor quality in the support center, and many ways to do it. This white paper, based on recent research, reveals the current state of quality assurance in technical support centers.
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A well-designed, highly automated reporting framework that utilizes a balanced approach, effective graphics, clear targets, and real-time and periodic reporting, along with analysis and recommendations, is absolutely essential for IT service management to be effective in delivering quality...
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Most IT departments can tell you how much they spend on support, but few can quantify the economic impact of support. The result is that many technical service and support organizations are on the defensive when it comes to budgeting and spending, and often struggle to get the funding needed to...
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Does “desktop support” have a future? The HDI Desktop Support Advisory Board thinks it does, and this white paper is a road map that will help organizations navigate the changes ahead.
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As service management frameworks, concepts, and tools expand beyond the IT function, IT leaders and their teams play a critical role in helping define and explain the benefits of implementing a service-focused mindset across every business function. But it is important to...

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More and more students are taking advantage of online college resources, often in the form of distance learning programs. In fact, a 2018 study by the Babson Survey Research Group found that distance program enrollments have increased for 14 consecutive years. The total...

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