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These thought leaders are practitioners and consultants in the technical support and service management community and share insights on industry challenges and the future of the industry.
Tag(s): desktop support, customer experience, metrics and measurements, service management, support center, supportworld, technology, workforce enablement
January 31, 2017

Traditional change management doesn’t support the rate of change required by businesses today. But DevOps can accelerate implementation of business-required changes.
Tag(s): change management, devops, business alignment, service management, supportworld
January 1, 2017

Systems thinking can help you avoid costly mistakes such as introducing applications that are not compatible into an organization’s environment, interrupting workflows.
Tag(s): business alignment, collaboration, devops, organizational change management, supportworld, technology, service management
December 21, 2016

The top five SupportWorld articles of 2016 cover themes tech support professionals tackle every day, including customer service, knowledge management, service metrics, gamification, shift-left, and the future of the service desk.
Tag(s): supportworld, support center, desktop support, service management, metrics and measurements, technology, customer experience, workforce enablement
December 20, 2016

Desktop support is more than just the “people who repair computers.” Desktop support technicians cover a wide range of responsibilities supporting many tasks.
Tag(s): focus series, supportworld, asset management, desktop support, ITIL, mobile device support, security management, technical support, trends, VDI, virtual desktop infrastructure - VDI
December 15, 2016

Who has made an impact on the technical support industry? Help us put together the list of HDI’s Top 25 Thought Leaders in Technical Support.
Tag(s): support center, desktop support, service management, metrics and measurements, technology, customer experience, workforce enablement
December 5, 2016

The coming of automation in the support center will be an evolution, and you should be thinking of ways this technology can assist you and your team.
Tag(s): automation, future of support, technology, support center, supportworld, service desk technology
November 30, 2016

Excellence in five areas of customer service can contribute greatly to the effectiveness of service management, which is expanding beyond the world of IT.
Tag(s): supportworld, shadow-it, customer experience, customer satisfaction, customer service, self-service, service desk, service quality, cloud computing
November 17, 2016

Swarming not only gets problems resolved, but also you typically get resolution much more quickly. It is also a great training mechanism for front-line employees.
Tag(s): collaboration, customer experience, customer service, employee engagement, ITSM, IT service management, practices and processes, service design, service desk, support center, supportworld
October 20, 2016

What if you could cut 75% of the time, cost, and distraction from the problem-solving process? By taking the best of today's collaboration tools and the war room approach, you can!
Tag(s): collaboration, communications technology, crowdsourcing, knowledge management, KM, ITSM, service desk, service management, supportworld
September 28, 2016