While BYOD and broader consumerization trends may be turning the corporate IT world upside down, such factors have long been a reality in the campus IT environment. But that doesn’t mean that university IT departments are immune to the changing expectations of today’s empowered device owners.
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In any service and support situation, the relationship between service providers and consumers is mechanically bounded by the service terms and conditions and a set of agreeable payment terms. What’s often missing in outsourcing-based provider-consumer relationships is a set of business rules...
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Knowledge has exploded, and by that I mean, knowledge is everywhere. Knowledge is accessible. Knowledge has been democratized, crowdsourced, repurposed, remixed, and regurgitated. Where knowledge was once scarce, it is now abundant. Where knowledge was once controlled, it is now free. It’s taken...
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The number of people taking to social networks is staggering, impacting everything from news reporting to political campaigns to Tupperware parties. As usage explodes, the focus has rapidly shifted from adoption to the way businesses can leverage all the activity to their benefit. They’re not...
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