Many organizations are starting to make significant structural, procedural, and cultural changes to the perception of desktop support, with the ultimate goal of better integrating it into the support organization. The struggle is in figuring out how to do this, how to apply that creative brush...
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Date Published May 22, 2012 - Last Updated May 11, 2016

Any hiring manager who has tried to recruit help desk or technical support professionals in recent months knows the demand for top talent is high. One major reason is that many of the best workers simply are not on the market. And, given that many companies are expanding their operations,...
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Date Published May 22, 2012 - Last Updated May 11, 2016

Just as mobile devices can give workers the freedom to access corporate resources from anywhere, at any time, remote/online training can give them the freedom to take training and improve their skills, whether they are at work or on the road.
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Date Published May 22, 2012 - Last Updated May 11, 2016

There are three levels of value provided by professional associations: to the profession in general, to your organization, and to you personally. In turn, each of these dovetails with commonly identified features of a professional association: networking, education, career development.
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Date Published May 22, 2012 - Last Updated May 11, 2016

In this environment of rapidly changing support requirements and increasing customer demands, the question is not whether organizations should make the transition to web-based support (i.e., chat), but how they can make that transition successfully. When implemented perfectly, chat can deliver...
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Date Published May 22, 2012 - Last Updated May 11, 2016

The job market can be rough, and it’s likely that you either have been or will be let go at some point in your career. Here are some tips to help make that transition as quick and painless as possible. Be aware, these recommendations take an investment in time and money. There are no “magic bullets.
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Date Published May 22, 2012 - Last Updated May 11, 2016

One of the most common questions I hear from IT support managers is “How many technicians should I have in desktop support?” In this white paper, I will present a rigorous methodology for determining the appropriate technician headcount for desktop support. By following this approach, desktop...
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Date Published March 15, 2012 - Last Updated December 30, 2014

Communication between IT and its customers has traditionally been the responsibility of the service desk. In some workplaces, consistent, organized communication is hard to achieve; the service desk may not be up to date on the services offered by other areas of IT, turf wars between various...
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Date Published - Last Updated February 25, 2016

Even in the best organizations with the best infrastructures, there are unplanned outages. These outages present challenges for the support center, especially when they involve standard communication channels such as email, intranets, and/or the network over which communications are carried. How...
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Date Published - Last Updated December 30, 2014

While demand for specific positions does vary, the truth is that every IT worker plays a key role in supporting the long term plans of a business. And at a time when many owners are just as happy sustaining business growth as they are increasing it, holding on to this talent should be a top...
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Date Published - Last Updated January 14, 2016