There are leaders at every level in an organization, and HDI has long recognized the value each individual brings to a team and each team brings to the IT organization. We're so proud of all of our HDI 2015 award winners!
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The blending of Millenials, Gen Xers, Gen Yers, Baby Boomers and those of us born on the cusp of any of these groupings calls for a level of management expertise with which many are just not equipped.
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Effective communication is one of the most essential business (and life) skills. These seven steps will help you strengthen the transfer of information and prevent communication gaps.
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When the service disruption has been significant, it is often appropriate to send out a communication to the affected users and other stakeholders providing them information about what, when, why, and how the service disruption occurred, along with what was done to restore the service and...
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When budgets are tight, it’s important that you spend money on training that builds the skills you need at the levels you need them.
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When a major component of your team’s job is handling calls from some of the most high-profile customers in the world, how can your company ensure its employees keep up with a constantly changing information landscape and the nonstop needs of its customers?
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Desktop support is about more than solving technical issues for clients; it is about helping people, face to face. It isn’t just a voice over the phone or a silent adjustment to a back-end application; it’s about connecting with customers and providing solutions, even if they are not...
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Technical support professionals form the frontline of many businesses, vendors, and IT teams. To remain competitive, they need to be aware of how the sector is evolving and where it’s going ...
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Do you ever lay awake at night wondering, “Billy’s my star performer, but what if he doesn’t come in on Monday (again)? Am I going to have enough staff? If I’m short-staffed, how will I cover the workload, projects, and contact volumes?” In my capacity as an instructor for the HDI Support Center...
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For this issue, HDI invited influential members from across all segments of our community to provide a snapshot of key imperatives that will guide 2013 initiatives. This unique collection of essays offers a rare glimpse inside technical service and support organizations, spanning healthcare,...
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