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The Latest from SupportWorld

This infographic shares five ways to impress your customers in technical support. From knowing which inbound contact channels are most utilized to staying on top of how customers feel about the support they receive, this graphic is chock full of statistics about the industry based on HDI's research.
Tag(s): business of support, supportworld, infographic, customer service, customer experience, customer satisfaction
Date Published December 12, 2014 - Last Updated March 10, 2021

There’s a difference between saying “I feel feverish” and saying “My temperature is 101°F.” In the second case, you’ve used a measuring device (thermometer) to find out what your temperature really is. Likewise, we can make a guess that “Our customers like us” because of comments in the hallway,...
Tag(s): customer-satisfaction-measurement, customer experience, customer satisfaction, supportworld
Date Published December 1, 2014 - Last Updated December 1, 2017

It can be a challenge to find professionals that have the right mix of technical and customer service skills to be successful as desktop support technicians (DSTs). Learn about the requirements and expectations for DSTs so you can better address the hiring challenge from both the recruiting and...
Tag(s): business of support, supportworld, infographic, staffing, workforce enablement, desktop support
Date Published October 15, 2014 - Last Updated March 10, 2021

The expansion of the principles of IT service management (ITSM) to areas outside of IT has been a topic of conversation in the hallways and gathering places at conferences and meetings for several years. In order to learn how service support practices have adapted and been adapted as a result of...
Tag(s): business of support, supportworld, infographic, service management, ITSM, service strategy
Date Published October 15, 2014 - Last Updated March 10, 2021

Leaders in the technical support industry continue to be preoccupied with managing support for the mobile workforce. With 86% of support organizations feeling pressured to prove their value to the business, taking full advantage of supporting mobility is more important than ever.
Tag(s): business of support, supportworld, infographic, mobility, mobile device support, technology
Date Published April 24, 2014 - Last Updated March 10, 2021

Given the steady increase in ticket volumes noted over the past few years, and knowing that this is a trend that will likely continue, how can technical support teams manage this volume? For the past three years, desktop support teams have recommended three key tools.
Tag(s): supportworld, desktop support, infographic, service desk technology, technology
Date Published April 1, 2014 - Last Updated March 10, 2021

In the current economic climate, organizations often face a surplus of applicants for job openings. In short supply, however, are qualified applicants: those who possess the right combination of in-demand skills, credentials, and experience. "The War for Talent" illustrates the business need for...
Tag(s): business of support, supportworld, infographic, staffing, workforce enablement
Date Published February 6, 2014 - Last Updated March 10, 2021

DevOps is poised to change IT, and the same ITSM practitioners who’ve been dismissing DevOps are the ones most equipped to support DevOps initiatives and create value for the business. Find out how ITSM practitioners can contribute to this exciting organizational journey.
Tag(s): supportworld, devops, ITSM, IT service management
Date Published July 1, 2013 - Last Updated August 6, 2018


In this webinar, HDI 2016 track chair John Custy ("Metrics and Measurements") will present a view into the future of metrics as we move out of the telephone era and into the era of multichannel and analytics, including new trends in metrics and reporting. Discover how service desk...

Tag(s): webinars, supportworld, metrics and measurements, reporting-and-analytics
Date Published - Last Updated November 9, 2015

Personalized support for VIPs can be expensive, but the value tends to outweigh the costs.
Tag(s): customer satisfaction, customer service, desktop support, employee satisfaction, service desk, support center, future of support, supportworld
Date Published - Last Updated May 11, 2016