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Knowledge management is more critical than ever. Advanced technologies, such as virtual agents, chatbots, and AI, require that organizations have knowledge organized and accessible to the “smart machines.” One of the goals of knowledge management is to provide...

Tag(s): webinars, support models, supportworld, self-service, self-service tools, knowledge management
Date Published - Last Updated September 24, 2021



Articles, headlines, blogs, and presentations about AI are everywhere, most being either apocalyptic (we’ll all lose our jobs) or utopian (we won’t have to work) about how AI will affect the near future. In this webinar, industry analysts Stephen Mann and Roy...

Tag(s): supportworld, webinars, automation, future of support
Date Published - Last Updated September 24, 2021



We all know that remote support is a critical piece of the support ecosystem. Keeping tools simple and easy to use, both individually and as a whole suite, is a key component to staff and customer engagement and satisfaction.

Whether we're talking about internal...

Tag(s): remote support tools, webinars, virtual support tools, technology, supportworld
Date Published - Last Updated September 24, 2021



More and more students are taking advantage of online college resources, often in the form of distance learning programs. In fact, a 2018 study by the Babson Survey Research Group found that distance program enrollments have increased for 14 consecutive years. The total...

Tag(s): remote support tools, webinars, virtual work, virtual support tools, support models, supportworld
Date Published - Last Updated September 24, 2021



In this webinar, HDI’s senior writer/analyst Roy Atkinson will look at our research and pull out the important changes and trends that will affect the coming year, using data from the HDI 2018 Technical Support Practices & Salary Reports. The discussion will...

Tag(s): supportworld, incident management, webinars
Date Published - Last Updated September 24, 2021



As service management frameworks, concepts, and tools expand beyond the IT function, IT leaders and their teams play a critical role in helping define and explain the benefits of implementing a service-focused mindset across every business function. But it is important to...

Tag(s): webinars, supportworld, business value, IT service management, ITSM, enterprise service management
Date Published - Last Updated January 25, 2023



Implementing role-based provisioning can help large organizations address common pain points and better secure private data, but implementation requires careful planning and takes time to get right. Join industry leader Phyllis Drucker to learn about the benefits you can realize...

Tag(s): webinars, supportworld, people, asset management, capacity management, configuration management
Date Published - Last Updated January 6, 2023



Recent HDI surveys show that close to a quarter of organizations that have purchased a service management solution are in the process of replacing existing systems. The replacements are intended improve user/customer experience, support changes to service delivery models and...

Tag(s): webinars, supportworld, technology, ITSM, service management, IT service management, enterprise service management
Date Published - Last Updated January 6, 2023

Today, field and support service organizations are being challenged to replace traditional service offerings, where technical services are provided for a fixed price, to new models where revenue is earned by delivering positive customer outcomes. The biggest problem with confronting this...
Tag(s): business of support, supportworld
Date Published - Last Updated February 26, 2016

Tough breaks happen. Bones break, hearts break. Referees make bad calls. Networks go down, stress goes up, less-capable colleagues get the promotion. We may be plagued by problems, but focusing on the unfairness of life induces self-doubt, rationalization, and mediocrity—and despair. We must get...
Tag(s): leadership, supportworld
Date Published - Last Updated February 26, 2016