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Chat as a support channel is gaining in popularity. But chat is not perfect for every type of interaction. You must identify the ideal issue types before implementation.
Tag(s): supportworld, support channels, support center, chat
December 5, 2017

Julie Mohr was named one of HDI’s Top 25 Thought Leaders in Technical Support and Service Management. Learn what motivates Julie to be involved in the community.
Tag(s): supportworld, support center, service management, knowledge management, customer experience
November 30, 2017

At recent speed-circuit discussion, attendees shared tips and strategies around self-service and paved the way for further conversations.
Tag(s): supportworld, self-service, support center, service management
November 28, 2017

If led, managed, and resourced properly, organizational change management has the power to increase adoption rates and improve utilization of new technology.
Tag(s): supportworld, people, organizational change management, service management, change management, technology
November 22, 2017

First level resolution (FLR) is a measure of a service desk’s ability to resolve tickets at Level 1, without having to escalate the ticket to Level 2 or Level 3.
Tag(s): supportworld, metrics and measurements, first call resolution
November 16, 2017

Mauricio Corona was named one of HDI’s Top 25 Thought Leaders in Technical Support and Service Management. Learn what motivates Mauricio to be involved in the community.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, ITSM, it governance, risk management
November 14, 2017

The service management world is at a crossroads. The rate of change is accelerating, and we need to be thinking about our organizations as systems.
Tag(s): supportworld, automation, service management, ITSM, culture
November 9, 2017

Effective process design is about engaging the business, understanding their objectives, and translating that knowledge into repeatable processes.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, process, ITSM
November 8, 2017

KCS is a set of practices for knowledge management that can improve the quality of services, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.
Tag(s): supportworld, service management, knowledge management, KCS
November 7, 2017

Learn how one organization changed the paradigm of conventional IT and put people first instead of ticket metrics to improve service delivery and customer satisfaction.
Tag(s): supportworld, customer experience, customer satisfaction, IT service management, ITSM, metrics and measurements
November 1, 2017

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