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The Latest from SupportWorld

IT is no longer in complete control of business technology, and for some organizations, that’s a hard pill to swallow. The first step toward this new future requires taking action and scanning the horizon for new opportunities.
Tag(s): support center, support industry, technology, technical support, industry, desktop support, supportworld
Date Published July 20, 2015 - Last Updated May 11, 2016

At today's speed of business, replacing a device is often more cost- and time-effective than repairing it. What has shaped this trend, and what effect is it having on technical support?
Tag(s): desktop support, asset management, service desk, service desk technology, support center, supportworld, technical support, technology
Date Published July 20, 2015 - Last Updated May 11, 2016

The Internet of Things is taking shape, and as dumb end points gain smarts, support desk call volumes will rise. Are you ready?
Tag(s): internet of things, support center, service desk, technology, supportworld
Date Published July 13, 2015 - Last Updated May 11, 2016

The service desk can play a pivotal role in preventing data breaches and thwarting cyber-crimes. Tools alone aren't enough; it takes training, documented procedures, and support from senior management.
Tag(s): technology, technical support, support center, service desk, security management, supportworld
Date Published July 6, 2015 - Last Updated May 11, 2016

The term “DevOps” typically refers to the emerging professional movement that advocates a collaborative working relationship between Development and IT Operations, resulting in the fast flow of planned work (i.e., high deploy rates), while simultaneously increasing the reliability, stability,...
Tag(s): devops, white paper, supportworld
Date Published July 5, 2015 - Last Updated July 5, 2015

Knowledge management is the future of IT support—but not as we know it today. The reality is, IT’s view of managing knowledge is significantly challenged by modern methodologies.
Tag(s): business of support, future of support, KM, knowledge management, support center, supportworld
Date Published June 16, 2015 - Last Updated February 20, 2024

Shadow IT is just a new flavor of outsourcing, empowered by the cloud and mobility. For IT to address it, it needs to build powerful relationships, but first, it needs to be seen by the business as a partner in the organization’s success.
Tag(s): business of support, future of support, technology, shadow-it, supportworld
Date Published June 9, 2015 - Last Updated May 11, 2016

Security and support aren’t covered with anywhere near the regularity of other aspects of the Internet of Things. But when you scratch the surface, they’re every bit as important to enterprises as usability and functionality.
Tag(s): future of support, internet of things, security management, technology, supportworld
Date Published June 9, 2015 - Last Updated May 11, 2016

Self-service: The phrase evokes deep emotion in customers and support personnel alike, though they perhaps occupy opposite ends of the spectrum. But take heart, support professionals—self-service is possible!
Tag(s): self-service, support center, business of support, future of support, supportworld
Date Published June 2, 2015 - Last Updated May 11, 2016

From students to executives, finding solutions to improve efficiency, productivity, and communication has become vital. These end users are trying to excel in their work, and while they don’t mean to cause harm, in most organizations this desire leads to the use of applications, services, and...
Tag(s): supportworld, infographic, shadow-it
Date Published May 26, 2015 - Last Updated March 10, 2021