Fancy Mills-Knebel

Fancy Mills


As the Director of Training and Content for HDI, Fancy brings more than 20 years of experience specializing in consulting, training, and human resource development. Her main area of focus has been working with service and support centers and contact centers across various industries to optimize their performance. As an ICMI and HDI Business Associate, she certified thousands of service and support professionals, managers, directors, analysts, agents, technicians, and corporate trainers around the world in virtual and classroom environments. In addition to training, she has developed and facilitated customized curriculum and training and consulted for Fortune 500 companies in the areas of customer service, customer experience, quality management, workforce management presentation, communication, and time management skills. Fancy has also served as a session speaker for various industry conferences and events such as Fusion, HDI, and ATD. While at HD/ICMI she served as a chair for International Certification Standard Committees, served on certification testing committees, conference committees, as well as published articles for SupportWorld Magazine. Fancy holds a master’s in human resource development with a specialization in adult education from Texas A&M University. She is a published author on generational conflict strategies and was a featured speaker at the 2016 TEDx TAMU speaking on The XYZ Strategies for Succeeding in a Multi-Generational World. She served on the Texas A&M Graduate Advisory Board and the Steering Committee for The Academy for Future Faculty and was awarded the 2016 Senior Fellow. She was also selected to serve as the Student Representative Commencement speaker for graduation. A fifth generation Texan, Fancy lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband Kevin, son Mills, and their tabby cat Sparky. She's an avid sports fan, including supporting the Dallas Cowboys and all Texas A&M sports. Her favorite team is anyone her son is playing on!

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