Tatsumi Yamashita

Tatsumi Yamashita


Tatsumi Yamashita, a Founder and CEO of HDI-Japan, is one of the most influential leaders in the support services industry in Japan and Asia. He developed Contact Center Benchmarking in 2006, which is the largest benchmarking database in Asia Pacific. The benchmarking grades all evaluated 1,000 centers to four rankings: 3 Star, 2 Star, 1 Star and No Star, therefore, it is well-known as the ‘Michelin Red Guide’ for the customer service industry.

Tatsumi Yamashita has 25 years of experience in the support industry and has developed several help desks and support centers throughout Japan. In 1999, he became the first Japanese HDI intern and has since studied advanced support principles in the U.S. that are applied toward the advancement of Japanese support environments. He established HDI-Japan in 2001 based on the strong demand of Japanese support service industries and he is working as CEO of HDI-Japan with many HDI members and partners in Japan now. Prior to joining HDI, he was a director of IT Strategy at Yanase, a large automotive distributer, and was the first Helpdesk manager at Pfizer Japan Inc. Tatsumi graduated from Shinshu University in Nagano, center of Japan.

HDI-Certified Auditor since 2001
HDI-Certified Instructor since 2001
HDI Member since 2001

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