Deborah Monroe



Deborah Monroe is a highly sought-after speaker, author, and expert on emotional intelligence, team dynamics, inspiring leadership, and leadership development. With her extensive corporate experience and down-to-earth approach, she captivates audiences with engaging, humorous and hands-on experiences. Her message is designed to be universal, as she believes that it is people, not specific industries, who create success within each environment. Her dynamic understanding of the neurology of emotions and behavior assists teams to improve their dynamics, inspiring leaders to identify their extraordinary qualities, and offering comprehensive understanding of what a leader is, based on an international executive coaching experience. Deborah is also the author of “Cutting Through to Success, Learning for the Leader inside of You”, as well as a published musician, comedian and podcast guest and host. She is the founder of DRM Development Group, Ignite Achievements Intl and HX- Mastermind Group and has also played a key role in the growth of Visiocom USA, an international start-up, the 1st virtual professional development company in the US. Deborah is also an Informa HDI Faculty Member participating by instructing and designing their certification courses, motivating the community with applicable and energetic sessions as conferences and chapters in the area of IT.

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