The ROI of Membership

What's the ROI on an HDI membership?

If you’re a service and support leader, we don’t have to tell you that an efficient support center improves the company’s overall health, with the potential to improve business operations and impact the bottom line.

It’s for that reason that companies around the world find tremendous value when their support teams join HDI. From frontline analysts to seasoned directors, HDI grooms the smartest, savviest, most efficient professionals in the industry. And when your employees are equipped to elevate the customer experience, your support center flourishes. When that happens, you eliminate the perception of being just another operating cost to the business and become an integral and essential element in the business's success.

HDI's annual membership fee is a small price to pay compared to the returns you’ll see. Here are just a few of the exclusive member benefits that IT executives agree are well worth the investment.

Industry Toolkits

Members get access to dozens of tangible resources, tools, and case studies that provide practical, usable templates, such as:

  • Service level agreements
  • Staffing models
  • Call handling procedures
  • Customer satisfaction benchmarking reports
  • And more!

We’ve done the work for you by sourcing proven tools, templates, and best practices that will save you time and money as they guide your support center projects and initiatives.

Annual Practices & Salary Reports

HDI’s annual Practices & Salary Reports provide keen insights and real-world information about support centers and desktop support operations around the globe, such as:

  • Commonly tracked performance metrics
  • Statistics on staffing models and technologies currently in use
  • Industry salaries

These exclusive reports alone are worth the cost of membership, and they provide an inside look at the workings of the industry as a whole, empowering you to make informed business decisions that improve customer service and employee satisfaction—all leading to a direct and positive impact on your bottom line.

The HDI Support Center Standard

Developed by the HDI International Certification Standards Committee, the HDI Support Center Standard is the ideal resource for helping you identify best practices for your support center. The guidelines outlined in the HDI Support Center Standard are both practical and actionable—everything you need to provide the consistent, top-notch support your customers expect.

Not surprisingly, it’s among our most valuable member benefits, because when you adopt the standard, you realize:

  • Higher customer and staff productivity, efficiency, effectiveness, and satisfaction
  • Reduced unit costs and user downtime
  • Increased ability to satisfy compliance requirements
  • Improved contribution to the bottom line
  • And more!

Industry research

Timely research and analysis on trending topics in the industry get to the heart of what you need to know to run an effective support center. In collaboration with leading industry experts, we help you keep a finger on the pulse of industry developments that will ensure your support organization makes the greatest possible contribution to your business's success.

See the full list of member benefits.

As you can see, HDI membership is a modest investment with incredible ROI for your business.

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