by Blaine Scott 

Blaine Scott

During the time I’ve worked in the support industry, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to many places around the globe. At first, I was somewhat selective regarding the food that I was going to try as I had grown up in a small town in South Eastern Idaho and meat and potatoes had been my food of choice. Once I had ventured into the unknown and to me…previously untasted options, I found that there were many types of food that I really enjoyed, but just hadn’t ever tried, to know whether it was something that I would like.

A number of years ago I became acquainted with a support organization called HDI. My first contact with HDI was from a word-of-mouth conversation where someone shared with me all of the things that I could learn about at the HDI annual conference that would help improve my ability to support our customers. That started my adventure in HDI and like my adventure of discovery in the food options, I am discovering a smorgasbord of ideas and opportunities that I had never before tried or “tasted”. Let me share with you some of the things I have found on the HDI menu and how they have helped me in my role.

HDI Local Chapter Meetings

Networking with others is one of the most valuable benefits of getting involved with any organization that has members employed in the same field. Local chapter meetings are a very low cost method to network with others while experiencing the learning opportunities that will help you to be successful. Having the opportunity to experience keynotes such as Kirk Weisler in a local chapter meeting will give you even more motivation to help your employees be motivated and successful.

HDI Forums

I’ve had the opportunity to be involved with a couple of different HDI forums…both of which were fantastic learning opportunities. They provided a smaller, focused approach to networking where the agenda for the forum meetings could be influenced by me to meet the needs of my organization and help discover the solutions for problems that we were experiencing. Besides all that…the other participants in the forum have become close friends in and outside the industry discussions.

HDI Training and Certifications

Certifications provide a means to reinforce standardized processes while providing recognition for those who are strengthening their résumés. It also provides you and opportunity to recognize your team members by investing in their future…what better message could you share with those you want to retain in your organization? I have participated in the Desktop Support Technician, Support Center Manager, and Support Center Manager…all of which had information that could immediately be applied to my role.

HDI Annual Conference

For many this is the Crème de la Crème of the HDI experience. This is the opportunity to be motivated through powerful keynote speakers, learn from industry luminaries, glean from many support vendors, and to sample the customer experiences from other support organizations that have tried to implement solutions…and are even willing to share with you what happened along the way. I have enjoyed each of my HDI Annual Conferences and look for ways to involve more members of our organization each year.

I know that there are many other things on the HDI table that I haven’t sampled yet…things like FUSION, HDI Support Center Certification, HDI Customer Satisfaction Index, and others. If the “taste” of these items on the HDI menu is as good as the ones I have already tried, I’m sure that I’ll be sampling other items from the HDI menu and then…come back for seconds, thirds, etc. for the ones I really enjoy. I love a buffet where I get to sample the things that I like and return for more.