by Julianne Journitz

Julie Journitz

I’ll admit it. We didn’t become HDI members until recently, but I’ve had interactions with HDI for probably a million years in and out training and conferences. HDI has always been an incredible resource for me so when in late 2013 I was fortunate enough to win a membership in the Higher Ed Forum, I dipped our collective toes into the water to see how it was.

My first Forum interaction was incredible. The Higher Ed Forum is a group of dynamic individuals and the agenda that week was splendid. It is a complete immersion into highly relevant and timely topics in an intimate setting with like-minded and like-experienced individuals. I was immediately persuaded to enroll my institution into HDI and the Forum. This was bolstered by yet another fantastic Forum experience. The ongoing relationships with individuals in the Forums and the exchange of ideas throughout the year broadens my perspective and provides me with a contemporary resource that inevitably has paid off.

Because the Forum meetings were so good, I was eager to attend the HDI 2015 Conference & Expo. But I selflessly sent two others from my team to attend the conference. They each came back more jazzed than I have ever seen them come back from education opportunities or conference experiences. Each sat in my office within a day of their return and shared their enthusiasm for what they had learned at the conference.

If I could send my entire team to the next conference, it would be worth it. We just need to convince the College of that.