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Practices & Salary Reports - Comprehensive quarterly reports that compile member survey responses to provide real-time insight on IT service management, technical support, and desktop support operations around the world.


Trend Reports - Data and analysis on trending topics like metrics, automation, and enterprise service management, and more.

$49/each delivered 4x per year = $196

Toolkits - Proven strategies, actionable templates, and assessments to benchmark and improve your service and support center.


Local Chapter Meetings - Regular, geographically-specific meet-ups for you to network with peers, learn from industry experts, and make professional connections, right in your own backyard.


HDIConnect - interactive member-only website features crowdsourcing, collaboration, live AMAs with industry experts, and resources you can't find anywhere else to promote and develop you and your service and support organization.


Support Center Standard - official set of internationally-recognized best practices for support center excellence.


Certification Standards - core competencies and guidance to help you achieve role- and skill-specific HDI certifications.

$29/each 11 total standards = $319

Significant Discounts - Discounts on HDI training courses ($100 off), consulting services, customer satisfaction services ($300 off) and annual technical support and service management conferences ($200 off).

$1,000 minimum savings