About MetricNet


MetricNet is the leading source of benchmarks, scorecards, and performance metrics for corporate managers worldwide. Our overarching goal is to make metrics accessible; to make them part of the DNA of every IT organization we work with, so that they can be leveraged and exploited to improve and optimize business results.


By providing benchmarks, performance metrics, scorecards and business data to IT Service and Support Professionals, MetricNet enables you to:


  • Benchmark your performance vs. other companies inside and outside of your industry

  • Improve your performance using diagnostic benchmarks

  • Drive accountability for key personnel using metrics-based performance goals

  • Track and trend your organization’s performance

  • Establish performance targets that are in line with industry averages or best practices

  • Demonstrate measurable performance improvement over time


Nearly all of MetricNet's clients have come to rely upon our online resource library and monthly webcasts as an effective tool for training, coaching, and improving the skill sets of their IT service and support professionals. Tens of thousands of industry professionals download our whitepapers and watch our presentations each year to learn:


  • How the industry’s top performing IT Service and Support groups track and trend their performance

  • How to apply Best Practices in IT Service and Support Performance Measurement and Management!

  • The key success factors in performance measurement from the industry’s top performing organizations.

  • The cause and effect of primary KPIs and which KPIs really matter.

  • How to use IT Service and Support KPIs diagnostically to achieve World-Class Performance

  • Actionable insights to begin improving performance right away!


Today, more than half of the FORTUNE 500 rely on MetricNet benchmarks to improve and optimize their performance. This is due to a number of factors that differentiate MetricNet including un-paralleled credibility and experience, prestigious industry recognition, extensive benchmarking database, proven and proprietary methodology expertise, and demonstrable value. 


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