How do I contact HDI with any questions or comments?

Phone: (800.248.5667) or e-mail: ([email protected]).


Is the HDI Customer Satisfaction Index Service compliant with Section 508(c) of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973?

Yes. We recognize the importance of making information accessible to all users, regardless of their need for assistive technology. In order to do so, we have committed to providing an accessible interface for your customers. We are committed to keeping these end-user pages & emails compliant with section 508(c) of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and 36 CFR 1194.22 (Web-based Internet Information and Applications). In order to assist our Educational and Government users, a summary of the aforementioned compliance has been documented to match the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) format.


I just received an account; now what?

First, you'll want to add a support center (p. 6) to your account; then, configure your ticketing system to send us the appropriate data (p. 8). Please read the HDI CSI Service Admin Guide for the next steps.


Can I prevent live survey requests from going out before I’m ready?

Absolutely. Under "Account Setup" -> "Support Centers", change the status to “Test.” You will be asked for an email address. While in test mode, all survey request emails will be redirected to this email address. Once you are confident that everything is working as expected, change the status back to "Active”; all survey request emails from that point forward will go out to your support center's clients.


Is there anything I should keep in mind when providing email addresses for alerts, notification errors, etc.?

You may want to consider setting up separate email addresses for alerts, notification errors, etc., as they could potentially generate a lot of emails. It really depends on how many alerts you enable and how your support center’s clients are responding to the survey.


Why am I not getting any e-mail alerts and/or why are my clients not receiving any survey requests?

Check the settings for your spam filter and add to your “Safe Senders” list. Be sure to share this information with your clients!


It's the beginning of the month and my reports don't show last month's data. Why is that?

CSI summarizes monthly data at midnight on the third day of each month. This gives your customers two days to complete their surveys. If you need your numbers on the first or second day of the month, you may use either the “Weekly Reports” or the “Data Download” feature to pull your data.


Are there other ways to send closed-incident notifications to CSI?

Currently, the only way to send incident notifications to the HDI CSI Service is via email.


Can I send CSI a file of all my closed incidents at the end of the day and/or can I send multiple incidents in a single email?

Yes, but only if your support center software can produce this format, in which case the data can be placed in the body of the email or as a file attachment. The HDI CSI Service Admin Guide documents how multiple incidents can be sent in a single notification email.


Does the incident notification xml have to be generated by an xml editor?

No. The HDI CSI Service uses a very simple XML structure. As long as your software can format the text as documented, there shouldn’t be any problem.


What if my incident notification xml is badly formatted or is missing data?

If the XML is so badly formatted that the HDI CSI Service is unable to interpret it, it will attempt to identify the support center that sent the data and send an error notice. The error notice will go to the email address specified for incident notification errors (under “Support Center Maintenance”). The HDI CSI Service has very minimal data requirements, so if the missing data is optional, there is no problem. If the missing data is required, the HDI CSI Service will send an error notice explaining why the incident notification was rejected and will return the original data as an email attachment.


What happens if I send you extra data in an incident notification?

CSI only looks for the documented data. Anything extra will be ignored.


Why can’t I just send you the incidents that I want surveyed?

It's more statistically valid if you send all closed incident notifications so that the HDI CSI Service can handle the survey sampling. If you set the support center's requested sample to 100 percent, the HDI CSI Service will survey every incident it receives.


What if my support center handles different types of customers and I want to track those survey results independently?

You can set up multiple support centers in the settings for the HDI CSI Service. Each support center will have its own unique identifier, or support center key. If your support center software is capable of providing the appropriate support center key based on set criteria (such as call type), then one physical support center can be treated as if it were multiple support centers.


Can I upload an animated gif as a company logo?

Yes, as long as the image is less than 100KB and the display size is less than 400 × 150 pixels. Keep in mind that the goal is to encourage the survey recipient to respond to the survey, not distract them with animation, and that some email software will block animated GIFs.


How can I see comments that are entered into a survey?

You can set an alert that notifies the support center whenever a survey is submitted that contains comments. Then the support center can view the entire survey to see the comments. The “Data Download” feature will make all responses, including comments, available to the support center.


Can a survey be altered after it's been submitted?

No. Once submitted, a survey cannot be changed. There could be some confusion during beta testing because, when a submitted survey is viewed, you can change the selected radio buttons. However, you will not be able to resubmit the survey.


Can I add my own questions to the survey?

Yes. Customers may add up to two custom questions to the survey.


Can other companies see my data?

Only summary-level data is visible to other companies. Scores are merged with other companies’ scores, and the contributors are not identified. Participating companies can only see their own detailed data.


I have certain customers that don’t want to receive survey requests. What can I do?

You can opt them out of the survey sampling process. Log into “CSI Administration” > “Opt-Out Maintenance.” Here you will be able to type or paste in the email addresses of those customers that don’t want to receive survey requests. Until an email address has been reinstated (via “Opt-Out Maintenance”), it will not be able to receive survey requests.


Why are all the survey requests going to my inbox?

Your email address was probably put into the “Override Email Address” field for that support center. This will cause all survey requests to go to the specified address regardless of intended recipient. This field can be found under “CSI Administration” > “Support Center Maintenance.” Select your support center and click “Edit.” You should see the override field about halfway down the page. Clear this field and click “Save Changes.”

Now all survey requests will start going out to your support center’s clients. This feature is for initial testing purposes and allows you to intercept the survey request emails to confirm that everything looks correct. Once you’re confident that everything is working as expected, clear the override field and survey requests will start going out to your support center’s clients.


How do I know that HDI is receiving my emails?

On the “Company Statistics” page, you will see "Incidents Received" for the current month. If that number is zero, the HDI CSI Service either has not received any emails from your system or the emails were improperly formatted and the HDI CSI Service was unable to reliably identify your support center to send error notifications. You should check your output and confirm that your XML tag structure is correct. Please also confirm that your support center key matches the key on the “Support Center Maintenance” screen(from the “Support Center Maintenance” screen, highlight your support center, click “Edit,” and make a note of your case-sensitive support center key).


I have more than one physical support center under my one support center key (in CSI) because our company uses a common support center software system. How can I differentiate between these centers when reviewing my CSI results?

The only way to receive this information is through the “Data Download” feature. The HDI CSI Service will, however, need additional information from your system to report this data, which is why it supports optional XML tags in the incident notification data. By adding these tags, you can enter fields that may be used to differentiate between each support center location.

One such tag that can be used for this purpose is the tag. This is done by adding [insert field] to your XML tag entries when configuring your support center software. The HDI CSI Service ignores this tag for survey and reporting purposes, but it can be returned to you through the “Data Download” feature. Other optional XML tags are documented in the HDI CSI Service Admin Guide.