HDI CSI logo"CSI is the best satisfaction survey for your IT service desk, bar none! It's easy to install, configure, and use. It gives you access to canned reports and raw data so you can quickly assess your help desk and analysts and take quick corrective action that will amaze your customers. And since CSI is SaaS, you don't need to maintain the product.

Prior to using the HDI CSI Service, we had a 6% response rate; our response rate climbed to 19% after we started using CSI. It is well worth the money!"

— Bob Sochacki

"By joining the CSI group on LinkedIn, I've learned so much more about what we can do to take full advantage of CSI. The interaction with others that use this service has been a great resource for us."

— Leigh Ann Szymczak

"I love having the ability to compare our stats to the higher education industry and the help desk industry as a whole. I also like that fact that HDI is now recognizing the top fifty companies in terms of overall satisfaction. It brings awareness to your accomplishments and to your position relative to other organizations."

— Joshua Tooley

"The HDI CSI Service has been a valuable addition to our support team's toolkit, allowing us to measure our customers' satisfaction without bombarding them with surveys. The comparisons with the industry are extremely useful, and it helps impress the executives. Love this tool."

— John Kettlewell

"With HDI's notification tool, I'm instantly aware of concerns our customers are having, and my team is able to quickly look into these concerns. As a result, our customer service ratings have jumped from an average of 90% to 95%."

— Mike Gutierrez

"CSI is the tool we've needed for years, and I can't imagine operating without it. It was painless to set up, and I appreciate that it's a program that requires very little, if any, maintenance. I look forward to running the monthly report so I can show off the excellent feedback to management."

— Gina Montague


Case Studies

Ameritas GTS Ranks Highest in Customer Satisfaction (April 2013)