HDI help desk consulting services are based on a blend of industry best practices and our consultants’ real-world experience. Rooted in the three key areas of effectiveness, economy, and efficiency, HDI help desk consulting can help you achieve smarter service and better business.

With more than 30 years of hands-on experience managing complex support and service management projects, our team of consultants work in lockstep with your organization to help you benchmark, validate, and improve your help desk performance.

From a “health check” that provides areas of improvement quickly...to more intensive best practice assessments, to full blown support center certification, HDI consulting for your help desk can be customized to meet your specific business needs and budget.

Convenient and customer-friendly, all HDI help desk consulting can be conducted virtually!

How it Works:

1. Prioritize improvement initiatives through expert, consulting solutions

2. Benchmark your performance against an industry standard

3. Review current programs and processes in place to identify critical shortcomings

4. Develop an action plan to improve performance in key operational areas

5. Leave you with the ability to measure the impact and drive continuous improvement

Which HDI Help Desk Consulting Service is Right For You?

  • HealthCheck
    This help desk con is designed to provide your organization with a quick analysis of the operational effectiveness of your service and support operations. Key foundational areas are reviewed compared to best practices, and recommendations made based on your organizational goals.
  • Best Practice Assessment
    This independent, third-party review of your support center, gives you a comprehensive understanding of your support center’s maturity level based on the HDI Support Center Standard along with expert insights and recommendations for improving your help desk’s operational efficiency, service quality, and overall value. We can focus on a specific discipline of support center management - such as service management, knowledge management, workforce management, and problem management - or assess your center comprehensively.
  • HDI Support Center Site Certification
    The ultimate recognition for your support center's commitment to excellence, efficiency, and service quality. The process is simple: we do an on-site audit of your support center and help desk, and if you meet the requirements, the certification is yours. If not, we’ll identify potential weak spots and help you get better.
  • HDI Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)
    A comprehensive tool developed specifically for the technical support and service management industry by a team of IT practitioners and customer service professionals. This consulting for your help desk team is a user-friendly, web-based, secure tool that helps your support center measure customer satisfaction. .

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