Support Center Certification

HDI Support Center Certification is the ultimate recognition for your support center's commitment to excellence, efficiency, and service quality. The certification is based on the HDI Support Center Standard, an internationally recognized standard developed by the HDI International Certification Standards Committee. The ICSC is comprised of support industry practitioners and experts from across the world.

Benefits of Certification

  • Promote alignment with corporate business objectives.
  • Improve operational efficiencies and effectiveness.
  • Enhance employee morale, productivity, and retention.
  • Foster customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Optimize the value of monitoring and reporting.

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How to Become Certified

An on-site audit of your support center will be conducted by an HDI Certified Auditor. Your support center must achieve a minimum score in each of eight categories, as well as a minimum overall score, to pass the audit and become an HDI Certified Support Center.

The certification is valid for two years. To maintain the certification, your support center must demonstrate a continued commitment to the HDI Support Standard by passing a renewal audit every two years following the initial certification.

HDI Certified Support Centers

Is your support center ready for the HDI Support Center Certification process? Take the HDI Support Center Self-Evaluation to understand your current state!

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This enlightening, helpful webinar, Five Critical Support Center Best Practices: How Missing the Mark Can Cost You, will show you how adhering to the HDI Support Center Standard can maximize your support center's productivity.