HDI Team Certified Award

This annual award recognizes your team for the accomplishment of being comprised of mostly HDI certified employees!

Award Qualifications and Criteria

For support teams possessing four or more members, at least 80 percent of team members must hold an HDI certification.

Recipients will receive an HDI Team Certified award with the designated year of the award, the use of the HDI Team Certified logo, and public recognition of their achievement.

With your approval, HDI will list your team on our website as having received the HDI Team Certified Award. You're also invited to share the news of your team’s award in your organization's newsletter or through other means.

Applying for the Award

The application for this award costs nothing up front, but there will be a nominal fee of $150 once your application has been accepted by HDI. If you apply and do not meet the requirements, there will be no charge to you.

You can apply for this award yearly, as long as your organization continues to satisfy the award requirements. Once your application is submitted, a Customer Care Center representative will contact you to ensure your information is correct, and collect your application fee and shipping information.

Apply for the award

See HDI Team Certified Award recipients.