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The State of the Industry Issue November/December 2014 Published On: Nov 01, 2014

In planning for 2015 and beyond, it’s prudent to consider how new developments in technology may impact our organizational structures and the way we do our jobs in the not-too-distant future. For the past several months, the HDI Strategic Advisory Board has been conducting an exercise to do just that. We’re calling this project “Foresight Is 2020.” Starting in January, we will begin exploring the future ramifications of subjects like Big Data, the Internet of Things, wearable technology, and consolidated service organizations. The articles in this issue of SupportWorld should give you some food for thought.

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The Customer Experience Issue September/October 2014 Published On: Sep 01, 2014

In today’s marketplace, experience plays an increasingly important role in any company’s success. This is why having a well-conceived, comprehensive strategy for managing the customer experience is so important. Effectively managing the customer experience can improve overall customer satisfaction, customer acquisition and retention, and customer loyalty. It can also help your organization increase value, reduce cost, and cement its competitive advantage. This issue of SupportWorld considers the customer experience from a number of angles.

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The Security Issue Published On: Jul 01, 2014

New threats are born every day. It’s no longer a matter of if an attack will hit your enterprise, your desktop, or your mobile device, but when. With good systems and processes in place, the service desk and access administration teams should know before you do, and they should be able to thwart the attack. And that’s the key to data security: solid processes, routine monitoring, ongoing training, and constant vigilance. However, data security isn’t the only facet of security the support organization is responsible for these days, and those myriad (and expanding) responsibilities are the focus of this issue of SupportWorld.

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The Support Center 2.0 Issue May/June 2014 Published On: May 01, 2014

Technology is always evolving, and customers’ expectations rise with each new advancement. Technical service and support, too, must change. The articles in this issue of SupportWorld consider several facets of this transformation from support center to Support Center 2.0.

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The Knowledge Issue March/April 2014 Published On: Mar 01, 2014

In the past decade or so, many organizations have built knowledge management into their technical support strategies and dedicated resources to executing on those strategies. These strategies focus on using knowledge to improve performance and customer satisfaction, provide a competitive advantage, and encourage innovation and continuous improvement across the organization. However, there’s more to knowledge than just management; there’s also the acquisition of knowledge. Professional development is one way to acquire knowledge. In this issue of SupportWorld, you’ll find articles that look at knowledge from both perspectives: management and acquisition.

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