Creating Value in Highly Complex Environments: Critical Lessons Every IT Pro Needs to Learn from Higher Ed

with Shelton Waggener , Chris Chagnon
Tuesday, Sep 20, 2022


Higher education is among the most dynamic and complex IT environments to manage and to serve. Demands change like fashion with each incoming class. Students are constantly moving on and off campus. Every department and faculty have specific needs. Change never stops, and we know every support organization can relate. 

As you strive to improve service delivery, experience, and efficiency for your organizations, join us to learn:  

  • What higher ed service delivery teams are doing to create a "one-stop shop" for students, faculty, and staff members and streamline campus-wide service management. 
  • How higher ed tech teams create value for all the various constituents within their organizations. 
  • Lessons every organization can learn from universities’ "future-back" approach to anticipating and preparing for future requirements and how it is putting them on track for continued growth.
  • What an always-on mindset can do for your team. 

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Creating Value in Highly Complex Environments: Critical Lessons Every IT Pro Needs to Learn from Higher Ed

About Our Speaker(s)

Shelton Waggener
President and Founder
Shelton Waggener is president and founder of The CIO Perspective, Inc, a collaborative consulting firm based in the San Francisco Bay area that specializes in supporting higher education through innovative and transformative technologies. A visionary leader with an extensive track record advancing the research, scholarship, and adoption of cutting-edge technologies, he currently serves as advisor to numerous leading technology firms, assisting them with the adoption of their solutions within the higher education community. In addition to core technical activities, Shelton serves on numerous boards and works actively with not-for-profit organizations supporting the collaboration and advancement of technology in public and private sectors.
ITSM Architect
Chris Chagnon is an ITSM application and web developer who designs, develops, and maintains award-winning experiences for managing and carrying out the ITSM process. Chris has a Master of Science in Information Technology, and a bachelor’s degree in Visual Communications. In addition, Chris is a PhD Candidate studying Information Systems with a focus on user and service experience. As one of HDI’s Top 25 Thought Leaders, Chris speaks nationally about the future of ITSM, practical applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning, gamification, continual service improvement, and customer service/experience. Follow Chris on Twitter @Chagn0n.

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