Ready for the Hybrid Future? Planning and Preparing to Extend Service Management Beyond IT

with , Phyllis Drucker
Tuesday, Aug 23, 2022

Service management practices once limited to IT are increasingly being applied to other functions across organizations, whether that’s HR, facilities management, customer service, or even finance and legal. But many organizations don’t immediately recognize that enterprise services management requires more than applying technology to new processes.
IT leaders are in a great position to help other departments understand that a successful ESM effort requires real organizational and cultural change. They can help leaders from HR, Facilities, Finance, and other units to think in terms of discovering how their teams do things now so they can understand how a unified, service-based approach will work for them, and for the entire organization.

In this webinar, we will explore:

  • Why IT is positioned to champion ESM and its benefits
  • How to understand – and explain – the benefits of ESM for other departments
  • The benefits - and challenges – of making IT part of every business unit
  • How adopting ESM will change how IT works

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Senior Consultant
Phyllis Drucker is an ITIL® certified consultant and information leader at Linium. Phyllis has more than 20 years of experience in the disciplines and frameworks of IT service management, as both a practitioner and consultant. She has served the itSMF USA and HDI since 1997 in a variety of capacities including volunteer, speaker, board member, and operations director. Since 1997, Phyllis has helped to advance the profession of ITSM leaders and practitioners worldwide by providing her experience and insight on a wide variety of ITSM topics through presentations, whitepapers, and articles and now her book on the service request catalog, Online Service Management: Creating a Successful Service Request Catalogue (International Best Practice). Follow Phyllis on Twitter @msitsm.

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