Set one standard to ensure consistent performance, improvement, and learning.


Partner with HDI to train and certify support staff.

The Background

Carrie Francart's five-member team is responsible for supporting 750 customers across the University of Pittsburg campus. In addition to standard requests, they handle 6,000 tickets per year and provide a range of services including cloud computing, client computing, server computing, and customer support.

The Challenge

Because Francart's team strives to provide outstanding support, staying up to date on HDI training and certifying the entire staff is a necessity.

The Action

In 2003, the team reached out to HDI for certification and training because they wanted an outside organization to validate their customer service skills and knowledge. Using a combination of public classroom and online training, the team earned certifications at all levels: HDI Support Center Analyst, HDI Desktop Support Technician, HDI Support Center Team Lead, and HDI Support Center Manager.

The Results

Francart's team has been acknowledged by its customers and by several management levels throughout the organization. Additionally, as HDI members, the team is able to keep its skills sharp, attend local chapter meetings, and stay on top of developments in the industry.

The Pitt team also uses the HDI Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Service to help improve the quality of its service. The team consistently receives positive surveys from customers, and averages customer satisfaction levels of over 99 percent—higher than the industry average! Francart attributes this to actively involving her team with HDI by providing training and certification opportunities.

"HDI certification is the standard we use to make sure we are constantly improving and learning new skills.”
—Carrie Francart, Manager of Customer Support, University of Pittsburgh

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