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Take your career to new heights with HDI.


Unlock Your Career Potential with HDI Certification Training Courses

Ready to elevate your career in the IT service and support industry? Look no further than HDI Certification and Training. HDI certifications are designed to showcase your expertise in specific roles, ranging from Customer Service Representative up through Support Center Director, as well as key topics like ITIL, KCS, Experience Management, and Trouble Shooting and Problem Solving. Take your career to new heights with HDI.


Professional Certifications

At HDI, we offer comprehensive IT support and service desk training programs that will aid you in preparing for the certification exam. Our training course helps you build your knowledge and skills and align them with the high standards set by HDI’s certification program. You will confidently tackle the exams, equipped with the right skills and knowledge to excel in your role. 

In addition to role-based certifications, HDI offers certifications in KCS Principles, ITIL® 4 FoundationsExperience Management, and Trouble Shooting and Problem Solving. By obtaining these additional certifications, you will further solidify your expertise and broaden your professional horizons. Immerse yourself in these established frameworks and stand out from your peers.

Unleash your full potential in the IT service and support industry by investing in HDI Certification and Training and amplify your career journey today.

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Achieve Excellence with HDI Certification Standards

At HDI, our certifications are not just a stamp of approval; they represent a commitment to excellence, efficiency, and service quality for customer service and technical support organizations. Built upon globally recognized industry standards which were created by an international committee of industry experts and specialists, HDI's training courseware provides professional development in technical support, desktop support, knowledge-centered support, experience management, ITIL, support coaching, and much more. Through this investment, HDI provides leadership to the industry and serves as the benchmark for IT service and support professional excellence. 

Accredited and recognized as the gold standard throughout the industry, all HDI courses and certification exams are based on and developed from the HDI certification standards. They reinforce the core concepts of the HDI certification standards and provide skills-building opportunities for service desk and IT professionals. 

The HDI Certification Standards are independent of any specific training curriculum, making them open and accessible. These standards encompass the core competencies our International Certification Standards Committee originally identified and serve as a valuable resource for organizations looking to enhance their performance. You can purchase the HDI Standards and course exams separately.


HDI Support Center Certification

One exceptional certification offered by HDI is the HDI Support Center Certification. This prestigious award acknowledges a support center's unwavering commitment to excellence, efficiency, and service quality. Based on the HDI Support Center Standard and developed by our International Certification Standards Committee, consisting of industry experts worldwide, this certification aligns with renowned international quality standards such as the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM).


By embracing HDI Certification Standards, you demonstrate your dedication to delivering top-notch support and setting industry benchmarks. Elevate your organization's performance and stand out with HDI Support Center Certification. Excellence awaits you.

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